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How do tarot cards work?

Where do tarot cards get thier power from? I started using and all my predictions came out to be true. How do the cards know that? Is it magic?


  1. Tarot works by helping you make a connection with your subconscious. When you shuffle the cards you are doing a type of instant meditation. Then you lay out the cards and begin to interpret the pictures. There are many types of decks, the most commonly used is known as the Ryder-Waite deck. The type you use depends on which ones seem to work the best for you. I have heard many different theories about how to handle the cards but for me the one thing that has helped me the most was this advise. When doing a reading, don’t try to analyze your answer. Say the first thing that comes to your mind without editing. Also, the tarot does not tell the future. It provides insight into the things that are happening in the life of the questioner and helps them to make an educated decision. Last but not least, anyone can read the tarot. The key is to be open to that little voice inside of you. If you are making accurate predictions with the cards you should be able to do so without the cards. It is just a matter of tapping into that part of the mind with that ability. Good luck in all of your future endeavors.

  2. there is more than one theory. according to some there is angel presiding Tarot divination, his name is Hru. by that ‘theory’ every time you do tarot divination, you are communicating with that angel. some consider this angel to be greek god Hermes, and other call him by egyptian god name of Thoth.
    there are also ‘theories’ saying that by using tarot we are actually communicating with our unconscious mind, which is connected to global unconscious. it s like tarot is modem and global unconscious is internet, connected to everyones unconscious mind- personal data bases. look up K.G. Jung and his theories about unconscious (he is one of the fathers of psychology).
    there are many other theories, i believe theres as much of them as there is tarot readers.
    usually they dont exclude one another, i believe that truth is somewhere in between

  3. In my life, they work as a meditation aid. By two years old, we already have more knowledge than will work in any given situation. Knowledge that you can fall down stairs doesn’t help much when you are trying to cross the street. The older we get, the more true this phenom of holding more knowledge than you can use in any given circumstance becomes, all the way to the times when everyone is richer if you keep your knowledge to yourself.
    As I do a tarot meditation, I open my mind to random associations and let the cards stimulate my knowledge and emotional stores to help me get in touch with the lines I can most readily manage in the given circumstance.

  4. How the cards work is a matter debated, but it kind of breaks down like this.
    Method A) Cold Reading. This theory says that they work by providing vague or generalized answers likely to seem true in any given situation — for example, the instructions for the Rider-Waite Tarot often give completely contradictory ways to interpret each card (one reader said to me “don’t you just love it??” and I would have loved to have slapped her.) By that, it assures one outcome or the other will be true. This is usually the idea favored by skeptics.
    Method B) Psychism. This figures that the cards work by enhancing or awakening psychic abilities. Julian Jaynes writes in his book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind that the frame of mind associated with psychic abilities can be trained into action by performing certain (usually boring and repetitive) activities, such as shuffling or laying cards. There’s also some idea that the cards themselves have symbolism on them that taps into the the mind and awakens these sorts of abilities, though given the amount of variation historically in the card images and the fact that the earliest mentons of cards don’t indicate divinatory use this seems unlikely.
    Method C) Gravity and the Universal Mind — the notion that the forces of gravity which run the cosmos, being also at work in the shuffling and laying of cards, are tapping in to universal tendancies and thus can demonstrate patterns and happenings at work. Even Isaac Newton believed in the spiritual implications of gravity, and so do the folks that favor this method.
    Method D) Cause and Effect — that reading the cards, either through magical ability, Chaos Theory, Law of Attraction or simple power of suggestion, causes the events they predict to come true.
    Also some people combine two or more of these ideas.


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