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How do Tarot Cards work? And what other cults use them other than Druids?

Was just wondering how they work and if their was a different way of practicing them.
Also, how do you deal them? And how do you give someone a reading?
I’m lookin for detail.


  1. The Tarot became the Torah which became the first five books of the Old Testament. Life follows the tarot if you do it correctly. We all start out as the fool, then if you ever get beyond that (which most don’t) you become the magician, and then you use your magic to get your king or queen and become the Emperor or the Queen. That’s just my simple interpretation of it. Look into alchemy, they use a lot of tarot type symbols.

  2. There have been variations of tarot decks in various cultures, throughout history; Egyptian, French, etc.
    Unless you’ve got a game that uses tarot cards, they don’t work. The easiest way to prove this is to ask the same question 3 or 4 times, and use the same “spread”. If they held any type of mystical power to scry the truth, the same cards would turn up each time.
    In fact, the only way to make them work is to learn “cold reading”; a method of getting people to give you pieces of information (without blatantly asking), and using it to formulate a “vision” that the cards “predict”.
    There are some nices pieces of artwork in the decks, though…

  3. Well, obviously they don’t work. Tarot cards are paper and ink. They don’t know anything but some of them have pretty pictures.

  4. druids are not in a cult, they are in a religion, an ancient religion
    tarot cards are just cards, they dont ‘work’ you do, you have the energy in you, and you use the cards, they are like your computer keyboard, it doesnt type itself, but it gives you the letters to type with
    the cards dont read the future, you do, but the cards are the way to read it
    you give soemone a reading the same way you give yoursel fone, except you allow them to shuffle and draw and you think and focus on them not you

  5. Greetings!
    Ancient Druids did not use “Tarot”, but did use other Divination methods…………
    Modern Druids do explore Modern methods, and have come up with a Celtic-Themed “Oracle Deck”………buy a set, read the instructions, and away you go!

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