How do so called Psychics and Tarot Card readers live with themselves?





Conning people out of their money, they should go get a real job.
I never said they about servers FreakGirl, actually I always leave a tip when eating out.
Glad you’re a fan of my work FreakGirl, thunbs up to you!


  1. First of all, you’re not asking a question. You’re only here to insult a group of people. Secondly, people who need tarot readings should know that what is read won’t happen, and you shouldn’t live your life by what the cards say. And everyone is psychic to a degree.

  2. not all tarot readers do it for money or for other people.
    tarot is merey a form of divination. lots of people worldwide practice divination for various personal reason other than monetary gain.

  3. I saw a comedian do a thing on this once. It was hilarious. He asked a simple question. “When psychics open up a store front to do business and a short time later they go out of business, as many do, if they were a real psychic, wouldn’t they know before they start the business that it was going to fail?”

  4. You mean like Evangelists, and pastors? It’s no different. Exploiting people with the paranormal goes back very far. Everytime you donate to your church you do the same. Maybe you should have a little talk with the leader of your church.

  5. So judgmental. but this is coming from a guy that doesn’t think serving is a real job.
    and here they come…the thumbs down.

  6. Don’t be stupid enough to go and seek them. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you! Do not seek ungodly council. A good example of this is in 1 Samuel Chapter 28 and 31( it helps if you read the entire book of 1 Samuel), where Saul consults a medium for direction. He ended up falling on his own sword! (The spirits lied to him because he was forbidden by God in the Law of Moses to consults mediums and spiritists, but sought them since the spirit of God left him because of his disobedience and because of this God had rejected (left) Saul, and in its place God gave him a tormenting spirit, and could not consult God for consultation. Seek God while he maybe found!

  7. Oh and I guess that you have gone to every Tarot reader and therefore you are qualified to make the judgment that all Tarot readers are fakes.
    I have been reading for 18 years and my clients come back to me over and over. They are very happy with their readings and they get not only spiritual advice but comfort and empathy in dealing with their problems. I don’t think that would happen if I was a con artist.
    Amazing how many people make these judgments with little or no information and condemn people for no reason.
    One day you might find someone doing that to you. That would be good Karma.

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