Home Discussion Forum How do religious/ spiritual people motivate themselves?

How do religious/ spiritual people motivate themselves?

I used to be so motivated until I got on a spiritual path. I would make myself afraid or use other ego reasons such as competition & all of this worked but now do nothing for me. I am easy going at peace & have faith things will work out but nothing is happening. I have to get a job & I know I can get a home office type of jobs but I am not manifesting it.


  1. I was motivated until I found Y/A
    I think all this negativity and arguing is bringing down my motivation, but its so darn addicting.
    Have a happy day!!
    Cinn =)

  2. you get what you look for don’t pray/wish for it. make it happen. miracles happen to those who believe in them

  3. Having faith doesn’t mean you get to sit back and do absolutely nothing and the higher power will take care of all of your needs. Just because you feel more peaceful on your spiritual path, does not mean you have reached “enlightenment”. *You* must continue to walk forward.
    The need for money to pay bills and buy food isn’t enough motivation to get a job?
    Personally – I stay motivated by continuing to seek knowledge, and by staying healthy – a proper diet and exercise helps one to have more physical energy to get up every morning and do what ya gotta do.

  4. I read in Isaiah 40 a lot. It’s a chapter that describes hope and strength that God gives to His children.
    Edit: btw..this is my favorite verse 40:31..”but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” NIV

  5. Well, you are not clear what spiritual path and why it has de-motivated you. Well, if you are happy with that spiritual path, good for you.
    Are you deflated, mildly depressed or maybe trying too hard to find a job?
    If i were in such a position, i would read the internet, get my ol soul searching pen and paper and get a solution. Friends, family member and even the local doc can help here.

  6. I’ve always had a strong motivation- even when I wasn’t religious. I am “religious’ now, but I don’t wait for something to do things for me. I know it’ll work out, but that it will work out faster (and better) if I get off my arse and go do it myself.
    Which is when I normally get going on whatever needs done.


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