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how do psychologists analyze you by asking you what you see on inkblots?

i went to tickle.com and im not sure if they know what thy are oing but i took the inkblot test and i answered questions like what does this inkblot make you feel or what does it look like to you and they were selections. now after the test the results came out and it said my subconscious mind is driven most by Reserve which i agree on but how do they do it? please help me.


  1. I think this website uses more or less the same method as horoscopes; it doesn’t really matter what they say, there is always something in the answer you can identify with.
    A Rorschach inkblot test can not be taken just by doing a website test. It needs a trained psychologist to interpret the answers.
    Even so, it is a controversial test.

  2. Like ChatNoir said, it takes a trained professional to interpret reults. You just really aren’t going to get an accurate result from a predetermined computer test. And it is controversial. In real life a therapist would not judge you based on your individual answers but would look for patterns: If you saw constant blood and anger or only saw pretty happy things they would judge you respectively.

  3. My belief with REAL inkblot tests (not internet ones) is that what you will see is what you subconsiously think about, or consiously think of, sometimes things you obses about, etc…
    This is my understanding.
    How useful they are, that’s personal opinion.
    However, internet ones are a differnet catagory. 99% of any internet quizzes are just meaningless.

  4. The traditional inkblot test, the Rorschach is a projective technique. The idea is that in responding to the inkblot, the individual projects from their unconscious onto the design formed by the blot. As others have said, the Rorschach is more complex than the TIckle inkblot test. Most individuals, when responding to these tests, show patterns in terms of how they organize the inkblot into specific forms and shapes. Because the test has been given thousands of times, psychologists who use such techniques can analyze these patterns and compare them to the way people typically respond. Interpreting these tests is as much of an “art” as it is a science and their utility is controversial. However, an experienced psychologist can often derive quite accurate information. The Tickle test really takes a very broad brush and they give you forced choices, so that makes it much easier establish patterns and give a very broad and often accurate interpretation, as happened in your case.


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