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how do psychic vampires draw energy could you block the chakra with clothes or something?

to stop absorbing energy
i think i might be the psychic vampire


  1. there are certain things you can do to protect yourself. there are ways to hold your hands and special crystals and stones. it’s a lot to get into on here, your best bet is to look up online “protection from psychic vampires”
    add: oh! well, become aware of what you’re doing and contain your own energy… but from what i understand most have to take energy to survive, so find a safe way to do it. like at a night club that’s high energy or with someone willing to help you

  2. If you are a vampire then you will have to eventually feed or risk getting very sick. If taking from people bothers you then you can use a different source, like plants, storms, and ambient energy. Whether you are one or not you might also want to look into psychic shields to block certain energy flows. psychicvampire.org might be able to give you more information.

  3. Combating energy vampires
    It is all too easy to lose energy to other people without really knowing why, or even that it has occurred. The main symptom is a feeling of weariness or slight depression, and very low energy. Energy leaching happens to a greater extent through the spleen chakra located about a hand’s breadth beneath the left armpit. If you get a nagging pain there, or feel a tugging, then an energy vampire is at work. This may be a family member, partner or friend, client or work colleague. Fortunately the antidote is simple. Tape a Green Aventurine or, if you are lucky enough to find one, a light green Aura Quartz crystal over the chakra, or wear one on a long chain so that it reaches to the end of your breastbone.


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