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How do pro-choice people rationalize away the painful death of a late-term fetus?

Someone cannot have pain without consciousness. A conscious fetus is a conscious human. Are fetuses human? Well, think about it for a second. It has it’s own separate consciousness, and it is genetically human. So yes, a fetus is human.
OK, I realize that a woman having a D & C immediately after being raped is not eliminating a conscious life, but as the fetus develops, it’s brain develops.
Should abortion still be permissible once brain waves are present on the brain of a fetus? Once consciousness is present? Is there ANY rational argument for answering “yes” to these questions (regardless of religiosity)?


  1. I’ve never heard a proponent of late term abortion.
    Also you say abortion is okay under your personally selected condition. Who asked you for permission?
    Why do you feel that you have the right to judge when it is okay and when it is not?
    Is there any reason you’re dodging these questions?

  2. Do you ever consider the painful way your dinner had to undergo before it ended up on your plate?

  3. Since even adults are just masses of slightly differentiated cells, and their nature is parasitic on society and the environment, in fact they would not be able to survive outside without support, I propose adult abortion.
    I say its not your right to decide on abortion, its your mothers, so if your mother still wants to abort you, she can, even if your 30 by now. Her body, her choice.
    Here is a diagram of partial birth abortion.

  4. Doctors will not abort after the first trimester. The babies brain develops in the second and third trimesters.
    … I’m not justifying abortion, I’m just pointing out a flaw in your argument. The babies being aborted have not grown enough to feel pain the way you describe it.

  5. It is a privacy issue. The courts weigh facts of the unborn fetus vs. woman’s body, her wishes, and the circumstances. It is never an easy choice, but the conscious person usually prevails.

  6. How would a person rationalize the abortion of a late-term fetus to save the life of the mother?
    How would a person rationalize the miscarriage of a late term fetus?
    The variables are far too numerous to simply declare in a legalistic tone “it’s a life” when during a pregnancy there are many things that can go wrong.

  7. It’s the woman’s choice. She can do with her body what she wants. [except self-medicate] It’s nobody’s business. It’s not human till it comes out all the way. The world is already overpopulated. I can’t afford a (-nother) kid. This is a cruel world and I’m doing the kid a favor.
    The kid will go straight to Heaven to be with Jesus. My parents would kill me if they found out I was knocked up. Having a kid would ruin my life. Having a kid now would make me drop out of college. I’m too young to have a kid. (But I’m not too young to **** around) God don’t care. Send it to God and let Him deal with it. I wouldn’t be a good mother.
    The rationalizations are almost endless.

  8. a woman in my town had an abortion at 6 months around dec. last year
    her sister and mother encouraged her to have the child aborted.
    i don’t know the details of what happened next,
    but the woman and her mother are now living in a women’s shelter receiving psychiatric treatment.
    just thought I’d share
    edit: for those who naively believe there is no such thing as late term abortions i have three words for you
    research, youtube, Obama

  9. Well, animals have brain waves, too, so that argument is not adequate.
    I don’t think we’d have late term abortions if there wasn’t so much controversy surrounding the decision to abort. Most women who choose abortion do so only after a painful weighing of alternatives. It’s not done lightly except by a relatively small percentage of those who abort, and frankly, they probably would not be good mothers anyway.
    Imagine if we had proper medical and psychological services available whenever we needed them. A girl who got pregnant without wanting to would know from the first that she could go to a knowledgeable counselor, learn what all her alternatives are, take a few days to think about it and discuss it with her lover and her family, and then have an abortion if necessary long before the stage where brain waves are detectable.
    Even in cases where the decision went later than that, such as someone who was expecting to get married and then was abandoned, there are still possible justifications. Imagine the state of mind of such a woman, and how agonizing it must be to make such a decision.
    After all, we accept self defense as a valid excuse for killing, so “thou shalt not kill” is not absolute.

  10. At Christianity point of veiw is NOOOO. You have to understand that life begins in the moment of Fecundation not in the procces of grouth, period.

  11. I am pro choice but I am against late term abortion unless the baby is all ready dead. Not every pro choicer believes in late term abortion.

  12. Late term D&C is only used in cases when continuing the pregnancy poses an unacceptable risk to the mother’s long-term health or life. This is because D&C itself poses a risk to the mother’s health, so the risk has to be outweighed by the benefits for the procedure to be medically justified.
    D&C in general (meaning all cases, not just late term) only accounts for 2.4% of all abortions.
    Are any completely elective, non-medically motivated abortions performed after 6 months? I’ve never heard of it happening, but if they are I’d like to know, including the circumstances around the decision.

  13. first off, late term abortions are rare, meaning ONLY reserved for instances where the fetus is fatally ill or the woman’s life is on the line. second, pain is a non-issue, being that during a late term abortion the woman is given anesthesia which travels to the fetus and affects it as well. also, many clinics will euthanize the fetus with a shot that stops the heart PRIOR to the procedure. so therefore the fetus NEVER suffers.
    if a late term abortions is occuring, the woman has a damn good reason for it and i trust HER and HER DOCTOR’s judgement.


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