Home Discussion Forum How do people with negative personality affect you?

How do people with negative personality affect you?

I’m speaking about friends and associates who have negative energies.


  1. i try to ignore them. see my question below about the guy i’m asking about. it’s difficult dealing with difficult people. some of them just get their kicks out of it i guess, or i just dont know. some people have serious issues that they need to solve. the bigger an A$$ they are, the more you smile k. see how it works

  2. i just stay away from them, or try to steer conversations towards happy topics… or at least neutral, so i wouldn’t insult their emo pride.

  3. I can’t be around them, personally. They arise a sort of internal frustration that can sometimes feel like anarchy for me. I know a few people like that, and I really try to limit the time I spend with them because of the lasting effects they have on me. There is a big difference between a persons intent and their impact…I can appreciate a person that has honorable intent, but I can’t overlook their actual impact on me, and must at times reduce their ability to impact me negatively.


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