Home Discussion Forum How do people who believe in reincarnation account for the growing population?

How do people who believe in reincarnation account for the growing population?

I was reading up on a story about this little boy named James who is apparently a reincarnation of a WWII pilot who was shot down by the Japanese. Given all the information that he knew about his “past life”…I suppose I believe his story. But then I started thinking, are all people reincarnations of those who lived in the past? If so, why is the population growing? How are new souls formed?


  1. Because… some of the lesser forms are movin’ on up… so some people used to be wolves or bugs. Yes! That’s it, I just decided.
    And unfortunately, that’s what anyone is doing who tells you what happens after you die. Unless they just say, “Nada.”

  2. There is a decrease in animals we don’t believe in just reincarnation for humans but for animals which mean we believe that you can come back as an animal or a human. I believe in karma reincarnation that means how ever you lived in the life you are now effects how you are in the next.
    Hope i helped
    Blessed Be
    Nature witch/Pagan/Psychic

  3. This is what I believe..
    I believe there are souls up in Heaven waiting for God to create a body for them and place them on Earth. I believe that when they die and if they lived a good life, they go to Heaven, but if they were bad and led a life that brought pain to others, they went to Hell. As for ghosts, I believe those are souls who lost their way, whether it had been in life or while they were on their way to Heaven after they had died. As for reincarnations, I believe that that only happens when a soul has left the Earth without completing their purpose. So, their could be reincarnation, but only if a soul has yet to complete their purpose, and once they have, they go to Heaven to stay.

  4. According to the belief of reincarnation, in some religions/beliefs, when you die if you were good (understood about life, its meaning etc) you move on to another “dimension” or “density” where you are a more advanced being, and in many the reality is not even physical. You learn about love, compassion, light, balance amongst other things while you reach the last one where you can achieve “unity with God”. Also since this world’s pendulum inclines to the negative polarity a lot “higher spiritual beings” come to this world to remind us and help us. They usually are people that seem to not be able to “fit in”, love others, nature etc.
    However you can also be neutral which means you would just repeat the cycle in this world or be negative (You would have to have 95% of negative thoughts or more, pretty hard huh?) and devolve a density into a worse one. Although supposedly there is just one lower density than this one.
    50%+ positive thoughts = positive
    95%+negative thoughts = negative
    in between = neutral; repetition of cycle
    I do not exactly believe in this theory of reincarnation. I have my own point of view; a very different one.

  5. They account for it by believing in Karma.
    …Furthermore, reincarnation and karma encompass the entire biological world, so that no inherent distinction exists between humans on the one hand, and animals or even plants on the other.
    Suppose you were born into a low caste South Asian family. You are one of tens of millions constrained by fate and society. You might well wonder why, and would most naturally believe the cause to be misdeeds — whether real evil or simply an irreligious heart — in your former life. In fact, you ought to consider the possibility that you advanced from a lower level. You might previously have been a frog, crow, or dog, and should thank your karma for the promotion. If so, all the more reason to perform your dharma (Sanskrit for duty) so as to move up the next time.

  6. If your pet or some wild animal is really good, they get reincarnated into people. That’s where we get the terms like “wolf, cow,, chicken, pig, animal”, for certain people we meet up with. You will note that all cultures and religions recognize this fact even though they may not be Buddists. It is the natural order and proves that reincarnation is fact.

  7. This is a common question.
    If souls can live one life, then live another life, where are they in-between lives? My point is, souls do not have to be in a body at all times. And as far as your question on how souls are formed, here’s my thoughts: We exist, and we apparently have souls, therefore souls exist. The existing souls must have been created at some point. Once the first soul was created, it only stands to reason that more can be created. I doubt if there is a deadline, a time when it is no longer possible to create souls.
    My personal hypothesis is that it ties into the big bang and our continually expanding universe. As the universe expands, more souls are formed. It is simply energy and intelligence, continually splitting and growing. Yeah, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s pretty much how I believe.

  8. How they explain growing population:
    The “fragmentation” or “parting” of souls. The belief is that Souls are simply energy forces that can contain residual memories….this means they can split up and form another human.
    This also (as a side note) is how they explain multiple people having the same past-life memories.
    An example of this is “reported, 35 confirmed memories of “being” Cleopatra”

  9. satan is behind those ideas which are false….THERES NO REINCARNATION….IT IS LIES of satan….anyone who repents will live again…new souls are babies….our bodies are souls..

  10. There are different worlds and dimensions other than our own. You can reincarnate in a different world that is unknown to us. You can reincarnate in hell, heaven, other planets, etc. The population is growing because people are able to sustain life longer, and as a result, somebody from other worlds may born into this world.


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