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How do people see Auras?

What makes it visible ? How is it seen ,don’t tell me its energy but l want to know what kind of energy .How do people who can see see them ,whats so special about their retinas ?
lf its light ,are you saying our body emits light ?
auras seen in the dark ?
Teh most detailed and expressive reply gets best answer .
Teh most detailed and expressive reply gets best answer .


  1. people truly see them, but you have to born with them as a gift. i have known people like this, and there is a certain kind of film that is able to capture one’s aura. if i were you, i would seek out someone that was spiritually gifted because they could tell you more information on it that anyone here.

  2. It is low level of energy that emits light from the body and can often be seen as different colors. It’s nothing special about the retina but simply relaxing the eyes so that it can be seen. Try having someone stand against a white wall and relax and look at the outline of the persons head. Hope this helps you some.

  3. i do not think you can actually see the aura like people claim to see in books or mangas, i think it is just a feeling that people have of other people and how strong there will is or there feeling, like when someone says that they feel a calm aura around a person, that person maybe in a calm mood so others are saying that the person is giving off a calm aura

  4. It’s not visible. The only ones who can see it visible is one who has the power or the sight to see auras. And it’s not about their retinas. It’s all about the gift that can’t be explained.
    Auras are usually felt and seen when you’re in a relaxed state aka. meditation and sometimes in this state, you can go OBE. Which is cool.
    But it takes time to be able to see these auras. It’s like learning to balance on a rope.

  5. if you don’t go through the regiment of yoga and meditations you won’t see them, take a look at yourself before and after taking a bath, you would notice something peculiar in your image, that is just a simple aura.

  6. As far as the naked eye is concerned there exists no method for detection, however with science we can utilize technology to view spectrum’s of the electromagnetic fields that are not readily available to human sensory input as it is classical defined.
    In the provided link you will be able to view what modern spiritualist call the aura or human energy spectrum.
    As far as claims about extra sensory perception there exists many unexplained cases of seemingly demonstrated perception that is unaccounted for, some in science suspect that these type of people must some how be sensitive to these unseen fields and are able to interpret them some how by instinctual or intuitive means.
    This is the only reasonable explanation offered for some cases of such claims.


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