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How do people reach a higher level of awareness/consciousness? and what does this mean?

what does this mean for their psyche, their mind


  1. Awaken to Truth. Indeed there are many ways in which to express this verbally through language however it can all be summed up in one word – Truth.
    God is Truth, Light is Truth, Life is Truth, Love is Truth. All other elements of that which we call “reality” is nothing more than illusion. When you can see through the eyes of Christ, Buddha, Rama, Brahma, Baha’ullah, Zoroaster, etc., you see beyond what we call this reality and see only Love… only Truth.
    This is the awareness of which you speak. It has been professed since time immemorial through every age and every culture. What does Truth mean? Indeed this is ours to discover through Life itself.

  2. If you sat akimbo all day gazing at your naval and sucking on a bong, letting the dishes sit in the sink, letting the lawn lay unmown, letting the shelves go undusted, letting the schoolbooks remain unopened, letting the bills pile up, would you tell people that you’re lazy or would you tell them that you’re enlightened?

  3. I think I have benefited immensely from trying to learn the basics of many different subjects. Science, psychology, and also philosophy and religion. I meditate and examine my beliefs a lot. I try to imagine what God could be and I also try to see the atheist point of view. By seeking truth and being willing to discard former beliefs when I am confronted with something more sensible I think I am more in tune with how things really are. That is, seeing things clearly and accurately with regards to truth and the actual nature of reality. I think the attitude of wanting to seek truth even if it means giving up cherished beliefs we grew up with or were told to us by family helps us to really know truth. With that expanded awareness is possible, and reaching a higher state of being. What it means is that you become a more advanced sentient being. Just as humans are more advanced than chimpanzees a more advanced human is higher than a human who is stupid and narrow-minded.


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