• It took me a few weeks, but you can’t really generalise, everyone’s different.

    I’ve got a high opinion of Ophiel, but Robert Bruce’s works are considerably more cutting edge. “Astral Dynamics” is an astonishingly informed read if you find you need more technical depth – it transformed my 20 year astral projection habit pretty much overnight. The ‘treatise’ it grew out of is a good way to get started:


    You might also find it valuable to check out the Monroe Institute’s Gateway Experience – these are binaural beat CDs that entrain your brainwaves towards specific projection-conducive states of consciousness. Results do vary with these for me, but when they work they’re absolutely staggering. I can never find links that convey this staggeringness so here’s just a dry academic link that shows other people think so too – the rest of the site is more interesting.


  • Astral Projection can be achieve through lots of hard work and meditation. Once you astral project you can either go to the astral planes or you can hang around in this plane like a ghost.
    Some people can learn it in one day, while other people may take years to learn it.
    Here’s a good site for astral projection: http://www.astraldynamics.com
    Good luck!

  • Best book on the subject is ‘The Art and Practice of Astral Projection’ by Ophiel.

    The emphasis is on the ‘art’ part. This means some people take to it easier than others. Like any art. Just like some people are more musical than others and might be able to learn to play a guitar after a couple lessons, while others will take years to do it.

    If you are naturally part of the 13th tribe (artists), you should have no problem learning to astral project. Even asking this question shows you have a creative curiosity.

  • Very bad decision to make. If you leave your body what if an unclean spirit claims it? I have heard someone say that they did this and could not get back in their body. She cried to God to save her and He did. She never did it again and turned to Jesus Christ. The Bible says to stay away from things like that. I think it would be a very bad decision.

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