How do people justify belief in astrology?

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I’m not trying to provoke an argument or upset anyone’s feelings, but this something I really don’t understand. What exactly about the movements of the planets and stars impacts on human life?
Please don’t answer this with ‘they’re stupid’ or anything similarly dismissive, that doesn’t really answer my question. On the other hand, if you want to argue that specific parts of some people’s brains cause them to believe, then I’d appreciate that sort of explanation too.

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IRev. Albert Einstein

They ‘re atheists of course.


it’s reassuring ,satisfying even if they persist in delusion.


well think about it… how do people justify believing in a talking snake? or a burning bush talking to someone in the desert?
sometimes it just takes a large enough group of people to believe something for others to justify it being rational


Just as the moons position effects the see so does gravity of the planets and moon effect our lives. this is the only way i can understand astrology. I sometimes find my astrological readings (ones done for me not ones i do myself) to be correct.


Why does anyone “believe” in anything? Part of the beauty of being a human is free will to believe anything you want to, without needing a solid reason. To answer the question: Because they can.

erisian trubble

If a butterfly flaps its wings in Thailand….
I remain open to the possibility that the movement of HUGE hulks of matter may have some subtle effect on the atmosphere. That minute effect *could* cause minor chemical changes in certain types of individuals and thereby modify behavior in such a way that certain occurances become more or less probable.
Observation of said probability shifts and correlation with the movement of Astrological bodies is spurious at best, but so far, it works pretty well for me. I’d say about a 60% hit rate, and when you are crunching numbers for probabilities that’s *really* good.

The Passenger

My mother genuinely believes in astrology, and I know a few other people that do as well. They don’t really go in for the daily horoscope thing, but they believe in the more intensive style of astrology when you go beyond sun signs. They believe that just as the moon influences the tides, the alignment of the planets at the time of your birth has an affect on the type of person that you are and can shape the outcome of events throughout your life. They believe it for the same reason a lot of people believe in all types of divination (tarot cards, palmistry, any type of psychic reader) – because they look for the things that fit and discard the things that don’t. If you read a natal chart that someone has run for you, you’ll find lots of things that describe you to perfectly. Of course, if you read someone else’s natal chart you’ll find a lot of things that describe you perfectly. These things are almost always extremely generic. That’s why they work.


Astrology is popular and big business. But it‘s neither harmless nor fun. It’s nothing short of a wicked financial fraud. The stars and the planets have absolutely no influence whatsoever on the psyche and future of people. However, people search anywhere for divination concerning the future and astrology is a great deception.

Sky Chumbly

With regard to the potential causal mechanism: There is real evidence that solar radiation cycles can have a drastic effect on genetic development and expression. Such cycles can easily be correlated with tropical astrology, where sign placement is re-calibrated every year at the vernal equinox. Likewise, planetary positions have measurable effects on, for instance, equatorial magnetic tides.
A complete birth chart — with planetary positions, aspects between the planets, as well as house and sign dignities — tends to line up quite well with someones basic personality. This is not vague information, as you would get with astrology in the newspaper. It is highly specific and precise. At the end of the day, I believe in it because it tends to be very accurate.


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