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How do people have psychic powers?

Is it something people are born with that is passed down through generations? Is it something that just spontaneously happens? Is there a location in the brain connected to psychic powers?

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  1. People don’t have paranormal powers. Sure, many people have claimed to have paranormal powers, but no one has ever been able to prove it – and it would be so easy to prove if it were true. There are millions of dollars in prize money out there for anyone who can prove they have paranormal abilities of any sort, but no one has even come close to winning it.
    No, there’s no part of your brain that lets you break the laws of physics. We use all of our brains, not just 10%. That’s another myth.

  2. Eri is right that we don’t actually use only 10% of our brains. We do use most of it. Just only about 10% at a given time. If you used say even just 50% of your brain at one time, you’d have a terrible time doing anything because you’d be bombarded by so much sensory information alone.
    To me “psychic” powers are something that in our modern age have been distorted to mean “paranormal powers”. I’m a bit more old school than that. I think psychic powers are just abilities that are “of the mind”. And I mean anything you do with your brain – math, writing, critical thinking and problem solving are all mental abilities or in my view psychic abilities.
    In the broad sense psychic abilities, as I interpret them, do not originate in any one area of the brain. Rather they occur all over the brain since each area of the brain serves different functions. Yes it is a genetic thing too. Some people are born geniuses, some are more artistic or musically inclined. People all have their own abilities to use their brains and anyone, who’s willing to take the time, can learn to expand their ability to use their brain.
    As far as telepathy, telekinesis… really any “kineses”. So far its only speculation as far as “credible” scientist are concerned.

  3. why bother saying anything when you havent studied any of it?? “magick” is science, its all to do with wave frequencies….. its nothing paranormal, its just unseen to the “average” human senses….. but those with heightened senses… say those who use “50%” of their brain at any given time, can pick up on these things because their sensory ability allows them to do so……
    many things are unclear to many humans, why do you think science exists…. to understand them, and science proves “psychic” brain abilities exist. if you gave the time to research it and not cling on to your old fashioned beliefs and be more open minded, you might have a clue as to what your talking about.


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