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how do people get negative energies?

A person all sudden attracting/having so much misfortunes/sadness/stress in hes life?Why?If its negative energies..how did he get it?…how to get rid of them?


  1. I had this same problem a few weeks ago and I think its either Karma stuck on a person or its Gods way of getting our attention. I just prayed a whole lot and then last sunday at church I was crying at the altar and I let it all out, I got anointed with oil, my pastor reminded me I am forgiven of all my sins and let my burdens go to Him and I seriously havent had a problem since.

  2. People that have negative energies keep thinking of what they could’ve done better. They reflect on the negative things that happened in the past. That is why I always say, ” I live my life hour by hour, minute by minute”. I live for the present and future.

  3. Negative energies are caused by negative thoughts, and actions. To rid ones self of these negatives in your life, it is just a matter of consentrating on positives. Happy thoughts, cherished memories, or loved ones. Every time you think something negitive may happen, concentrate on something positive. your good kharma will return quickly. Blessed me

  4. Difficult to do sometimes but—- Eat properly , not too many sugars. Sleep for 8 hours per 24. Excercise to a rasonable degree. STOP looking at self all the time–get out and so something!

  5. Negative energies are mainly due to negative thoughts. Think positively u’ll get rid of them.
    Put a fullstop to what all happened, don’t think of past, cause it has gone n will not come again, Make use of present to the best, for a better future.

  6. Energy is energy…no negative or positive. These extremes, as with all extremes, are ego’s way of keeping you from realizing that you never left your home, your “Place” with your Father (or whatever word you use).
    Most of the world believes in negativity…evil…Belief in our terms is power. “It is done unto you as you believe…”
    We make our own reality, individually, as as one. The belief of the whole human race can and will affect you if you allow it to go unchecked. You have the power to transform “negativity” into “positivity”. Realize that there is one perfect infinite energy, and it is everything that you are…Seek, and you will find.


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