Home Discussion Forum How do people are conversing(talking)in astral?

How do people are conversing(talking)in astral?

And what about diferent languages? How can talk people who talk in diferent languages?


  1. Thats a funny thought.
    Never occured to me before.
    Maybe because I havent talked to anyone perse during astral
    Ive never done full astral tho…scares the crap outa me.
    Would rather do half astral while am awake.
    And even then I understand without much language really.

  2. I could only guess, if someone has the power to leave and return to there body,I would think they could understand any form of speech.This also would solve world suffering,if you get shot,or
    if you are ill dying in pain just fly away.No one would ever need to hurt,just jump out when things go bad. Any instructions on How To


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