How do other people response to a rising Kundalini?

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I’ve been working on raising and activating my Kundalini ..It’s been almost a month since I’m meditating and have felt some progress .I can deal with the mood swings the highs/ lows and the bliss/depression -mostly because I’ve been the sort of person who is in his head a lot and is used to coping with it thusly.
I’m gay but not openly so but recently my sexuality started coming up a lot more (surely but gradually) on a social level and now by some rather strange higher engineering it has come out openly , totally and suddenly. I think *Everyone* is responding more to me somehow someway (I cant really pinpoint this feeling but I do feel it) could this be paranoia or fear or heightened senses?.
I live in a dormitory in a small everyone-knows-everyone campus and am undergoing ongoing harrassment (obscenities being shouted at , rude gestures , sniggering , friends and other people being rude and cutting me off).
Does the kundalini energy affect your life in other ways (social settings/friendships/relationships) – things other than those things happening just inside your body?.
I understand that Kundalini escalates fear/anxiety states but is what’s happening to me entirely by non-kundalini related reasons or are other people reacting to my kundalini engeries? I could deal with all the mental difficulties but this is an extremely hurtful social problem. I’m at a total confused loss here and can’t exactly understand how to go about this. I don’t want to start cutting classes but right now even going out for groceries is hard.(I’m taking this up with management if in case physical violence breaks out).
Any help at all would be highly appreciated.

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I look for my girl friend.Or at least madam palm and her daughters.


Do you think your being gay is a choice? If you do, then either choose differently or stand by the consequences of your choice. If you don’t, then how will you ever become enlightened? If you believe that any part of this world is not of your own making, how will you recognize that ALL of it is? and how will you make the opposite choice, to unmake it?
Kundalini, ravioli, a paperclip, time – it’s all the same illusion – one you are upholding by your choice to believe that it is not your choice to believe it or not.


might not be what you’re looking for
i’m in no way a practitioner of hindu kundalini yoga
i do vinyasa and bikram and that’s about it.. for health benefits
perhaps it’s time to take a break from your kundalini practice?
it’s causing a disruption in your life, and you’ve been agonized over it
you seemed to have put so much effort into your practice, but it’s confused you more than ever
and for what?
i don’t see how this practice helps you cope with the world
look at it realistically.. does the practice not consume you?
as for.. do people react to your physiological rhythm…
if most people in the world aren’t inward-gazing in the first place, i find it hard to believe that they are in tune with your energy level
i hope everything will get resolved soon
things come and go… in 10 years’ time you won’t remember a thing
don’t take it personally
may your path be lighter


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