How do materialists avoid nihilism?





Think about it. We’re just little specks of nothing in the middle of nowhere doing nothing substantial. Every one of us is going to die; our wealth, fame, and fortune will disappear over time; evolution or survival won’t matter because we won’t even be there to see it after we die (not that it will matter since the universe and all the things in it will end anyway, lol); everyone we love will be dead and forgotten. If there is no afterlife it doesn’t matter if we have good or bad memories since there won’t be a memory or point of consciousness left. Even if the universe doesn’t end for a long time life on the planet can end due to cosmic disasters out of our control. What can our goal in life be then? Nothing we do or value is eternal if we believe in pure materialism.
How do we pose a system of values/morals if nothing matters? If we say life is all about having fun then it becomes our personal playground to do whatever well we please. If our consciousness is all we have why should we care about anyone or anything else but our own pleasure/happiness?
How, philosophically speaking, do we avoid nihilism as a consequent of materilism?


  1. A Materialist would argue that since the material world is all that we, as individuals, can ever have then however small it might be by some standards it is extremely important to us while we are here. Nihilism rejects not just the material but everything and would thus be a completely opposing viewpoint both to materialism and to you. If, in the words of Gorgias the Nihilist, nothing exists, if something did it couldn’t be known, and if it did and could it couldn’t be communicated to others, then nothing can ever be eternal regardless. Who cares what happens “eventually”, it’s makes a lot more sense to accept that what matters is what we do while we are here and able to effect the world around us in any way, however ephemeral. Should I ignore a hurting friend because I can’t guarantee eternal happiness or offer such assistance as in my human power?

  2. they are nhilistic and really AREN’T materialists but only claim to be to appear intellectual…you’re right, by their logic, they should be leapers off the Golden Gate.

  3. Live – without any fear of being punished and without any hope of
    It is hard, but perhaps it may help.

  4. life is like a cigarette , once its started it will end soon so enjoy the moments in between .why think about a cigarette which will last for ever ?it will be boring .

  5. Just live and then fade or change (to energy or what ever). It is easier when you’re happy so try to achieve that. There is no need for goals, life is life, the world is the world. I don think we can change the way of things.

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