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How do lights and sounds induce lucid dreaming?

I really want to prove to my dad that sounds and lights can induce lucid dreaming so I can buy this dreaming machine I’ve heard of. The thing is, I don’t know how lights and sounds can help induce this type of dreaming! Can someone please link me to a trusted site with prove, and explain it in your own words as well? It would really mean a lot!!!


  1. I would advise against buying a dream machine. Instead, train yourself on lucid dreaming techniques and read some articles. I’ve included some links below to help you in this task. I’ve been training myself to achieve more lucid dream states, and I seriously doubt machines can be as effective as the training outlined in the links below.
    Pleasant dreams!!

  2. this id like to know. i want to be there in my dreams and participate. sounds interesting even the concept of astral projection….which i have tried but failed miserably several times. good luck i’ll give you a star.

  3. Try running a box fan towards your bed on high speed and using repetition of saying over and over “I will dream and I will remember” to yourself silently at bedtime. See how that works to see if it saves you some money. It might take a few nights, so give it a little time.
    YES!! Astral projection…that is what I was thinking of…this is for astral projection. The vibrations of the fanned air and the repetition/self-hypnosis is what does it!!
    You can also buy astral projection self-hypnosis tapes.

  4. Go for it! I bought my Proteus five years ago and I love it. Hooking it up to a CD of subliminal recordings made for a killer combination. The science behind it is that the strobing lights and the sound playing at specific frequencies resonate and drag your brainwaves into the necessary frequency: alpha, theta, etc. Programs for lucid dreaming are only two of its forty-five programs.


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