How do I work out what kind of body frame I am?

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What I mean is how do I work out if I am a small, medium or large frame? I really have no idea.
Thanks in advance!

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compare yourself to other girls are you generally bigger, smaller, average?


it really doesn’t matter. i work out like everybody else, if that answers your question. all workouts work for any body frame (im petite at 5’0!)

french fry

take your pointer finger and your thumb.
and try makeing them touch around your wrist(like a bracelet)
it the overlap= small
if they just touch= medium
if they dont= large
thats how you figure it out because of bone structure and aton of technical stuff

Ed S

Go to your local ymca and talk with a trainer

foxy Teri

Measure your wrist. 6 is small frame 7 medium 8 large.( inches)

: )

You can go by things like height versus wrist size or elbow breadth.
See here:


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