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How Do I vanquish negative energy?

everything that I believe could have a positive outcome ends up having a negative respose.


  1. You have to keep ahead of it. Don’t let the negative thoughts get you. Counter them with positives, no matter what happens. Life will always send you shit, spit back positive energy.

  2. Take a bath in sea salt, smudge your house but most of all make a very careful assessment of your life and the things you do. It is very possible you are creating your own negative energy. I’ve found the best way to change things is to make changes.

  3. I think one good way is to avoid blame That is blaming self adn others and listening to others blaming and that perennial greek chorus of “isnt it awful!” From the weather to kids of today to the price of fish or oil or cod liver oil – take a break from blame and the positives will just seep into the empty space thats left.

  4. Gravitational Potential energy is considered to be negative.
    The best way to vanquish it would be to go to the lowest room in your house and lie flat. This should prevent you from falling any further. You still may have a problem with the roof falling in on you however.

  5. “It’s a wonderful idea, positive thinking. But what it usually means is that I have a little smear of positive thinking covering up a whole mass of negative thinking.” ~~ Quote from the quantum physics documentary “What the Bleep Do We Know”
    We may think we are trying to think positive when in fact, our previous negative thought patterns overpower the lesser positive ones and we are creating our own negative outcomes (whether we are consciously aware of it or not).
    As another suggested, I would smudge yourself and your living space with sage, and take a sea salt bath to remove any negative energies from you. And start studying up on the “Law of Attraction” and putting the concept to use in your daily life. (like in the book “The Secret”, though this concept has been around for quite a lot longer than this recent book and its popularity).
    In order to truly remove the negativity from ourselves and replace it with positive, we have to re-train our brains to truly think positively, not just cover up that whole mass of negative thinking. Think of it as rewiring your internal computer.
    And once you are truly thinking positively, whether you realize it or not, *you* are then putting more effort into improving your life and reaching your goals.

  6. take a sea salt bath, and use Lilac essential oil in the water, while you are soaking relax and replay the things that have gone wrong in your mind, picture what would have changed the outcome of these situations until they become a singular thought. use a destructive visualization to destroy the negative situations, like a cleansing fire, or smashing them with a hammer . when they thoughts are satisfactorily destroyed and a peace washes over you. then imagine yourself encased in a brilliant white bubble of safe security. Use an affirmation that only good will affect you from this day forward and negativity is gone from you life ….begin a new way of think with perfect faith and surround yourself with only things that make you happy. Burn sage daily in your home and be sure to ‘smudge'( let the smoke wisp around your body) yourself daily as well. And then show gratitude for all the good things in your life


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