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How do I use tarot cards?

Please, give me directions a kindergardener can understand. I haven’t been able to understand any of my previous answers!


  1. I do not know how to put it simply.
    The deck is divided into two parts, the Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana or Trumps.
    The Minor Arcana are the cups, swords, wands and pentacles, like the four suits of a traditional deck of cards. The Major Arcana are specific cards like The Fool, The Moon, The Sun, etc. Some have different names depending on the deck.
    Each card, be it minor or major arcana has a meaning. The meaning changes depending on if the card is laid down rightside up or upside down, which is called reversed.
    To do a tarot reading, shuffle the deck and mix all the cards together, try to put some upside down. Laying the cards down is called a “Spread” and there are different kinds available.
    The simplest is to lay three cards down one after another in a line. The first card represents the Past, the second the Present, and the third the Future.
    They can also mean the Question, the Solution, and the Outcome.
    Now, to find the meanings of the cards you will need a book, or a website, that describes what each card means. Simple go to google and type in “Standard Tarot Card Meanings” and browse through the sites you find until you come across one that describes the cards in a way you understand. Or, find out what deck you have, and buy the book for that deck on amazon.
    Once you have used the cards for years, you will begin to notice things in your readings and the results that will help you create your own unique interpretations of the cards. But this is born of years of working with the cards, and of getting feedback from the people you do readings for about how their questions turned out.
    This is as simple as it can be told. But to try and sum up:
    Shuffle the deck.
    Lay the cards out three in a row.
    Find a site that says the meaning of the cards.
    Find the meaning of the three cards you pulled out.
    Tell this meaning to whoever you are doing a reading for.

  2. This is my experience in Tarot.
    A few years ago I got into it. I understood it, it was fascinating to me…
    Then I became obsessed with it. I could not leave the house until My cards told me it was safe…I’d get a bad reading, and would keep shuffling and dealing. I would cry if I couldn’t get a good reading.
    I became depressed. My husband had warned me, but I wouldn’t listen. They are dark. Just like the ouija board…..I don’t know. Some people can do it and have no trouble. A friend of mine does it, and she prays for protection surrounding herself with the White Light of the Holy Spirit.
    I didn’t need them any way. I am psychic, and have little trouble getting answers from Spirit when I need them. But, I am still growing. We never stop growing and learning.
    If you must do Tarot, pray for protection. Bad spirits look for open doors. You only want good to enter.

  3. I always use a tarot book to guide me. I find that a book helps until you can interpret them yourself. But here is a start:
    1) pick out any tarot deck you are attracted to
    2) get a tarot book you can reference for the meanings of the cards
    3) hold the deck in your hands, put your energy into it and touch every card
    4) hold it close to your heart for a few seconds
    5) hold the deck in your hands and say a little prayer before you start shuffling…always ask for guidance “from the light” ask for guidance from anybody coming from the light (for example God, Jesus, deceased Relatives, Archangels, etc.) ask for answers for your best and highest good.
    6) shuffle the cards until you feel comfortable stopping
    7) cut the cards in 3 piles then pick them up in any order
    8) get your book out and lay them into a celtic cross or whatever layout you choose
    9) the book will give you directions on what each position and each card means
    I hope this helps!
    Blessings & Good Luck

  4. Well, there are many ways of using tarot cards, some of which may surprise you. First of all, I’ll explain just what they are…
    Tarot cards were created in mid 15th century Italy for the Milanese court and consist of two parts: a standards pack of Latin suited playing cards (preexisting tarot in Europe by about 70 years) and a fifth suit of picture cards. These extra cards took as their theme a Christian triumph procession, hence their early name of trionfi, meaning triumphs and from which we get our word trump. And this is what they were, a suit of fixed trumps for use in a family of card games that continue to be played throughout continental Europe to this day.
    It was not until the end of the 18th century that a Parisian occultist, ignorant of their true origin, proposed that the cards came from ancient Egypt and published a method for their use in fortune telling. For about 100 years, these ideas were limited to France but at the end of the 19th century, British occultists began to import the cards and occult myths to the English speaking world. Since then, occultists have been heavily redesigning the images to explicitly represent their ideas and have been created various ways to interpret them.
    So, on to the how…
    1. Card Games: There are very many tarot games out there but with only one exception they are all point-trick games. This means that like Bridge, Hearts, and Spades, you win cards in tricks but unlike them, different cards carry different card points. So it is not the number of tricks you win that matters but the number of card points in them. You can find rules to many of these games here:
    2. Medition: Many people use the card to represent important spiritual ideas to them, thus they use them as a focus for meditation. These techniques generally involve relaxation methods, along with empying the mind of everything but the image you wish to focus upon.
    3. Fortune Telling: As I’ve indicated from their origin, there is no right or wrong way to go about this. The cards were not created for the purpose and more than dominoes, tea leaves, or knuckle bones are. Many people just invent methods that feel intuitive to themselves and interpret the cards according to whatever mean makes sense to them. If you prefer instruction, you can find some downloads here:
    However you choose to use the cards, I hope that you enjoy them.


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