Home Discussion Forum how do i use my chakra to use ninjitsu?

how do i use my chakra to use ninjitsu?

i want to use ninjutsu but i dont know how to use my chakra.. i also want learn how to concentrate chakra at my feet so i can walk over water.. how do i do it?


  1. You have to confiscate your hyperbole to the soles of your feet. Then If you hyperannuate your chi and synchronize your aura with your chakra, and channel it until you have the desired water repulsion effect, you will be able to walk on water.

  2. Or better yet, buy the Naruto video game, I’m sure it comes with a tutorial.
    By the way, this has nothing to do with Martial arts.

  3. You are not gonna get nice answers here… just a heads up.
    However, in Naruto they call it chakra, but in reality that word is from Yoga. It’s Sanskrit meaning wheel. In Yoga and Ayurveda they’re energy exchange points from the spirit body to the physical body that run the column of the spine.
    In everything played off of, the word is Ki (pro. ‘key’) in Japanese, Qi (Chi; pro. ‘chee’) in Chinese. Even Sanskrit uses a word for it called prana.
    I’m not saying that sort of thing is or isn’t possible… but you are DEFINITELY not going to find it here on Y/A. Guaranteed.

  4. I surely hope you’re joking. Ninjutsu is a realistic martial art. Never in my entire Ninjutsu training has the word “chakra” even been used, let alone taught.


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