How do I use Chi Energy?





I am very interested in learning some type of Chi. I would like to learn how to feel it within me and outside of me. I would like to also use it as a exterior physical force (ex. when I touch someone’s forehead the person can feel the enormous amount of chi energy i have)
I want to start from scratch. I can start anywhere.
What books should I get to learn the stuff i want?


  1. The shaolin monks have been showing the power of chi for hundreds of years but they take it to the extreme.Smashing steel bars over thier foreheads and withstanding sharp objects against vunerable areas e.t.c it really is quite amazing when you see it true power from the masters

  2. Chi is real. I’ve seen it used. I wouldn’t recommend learning it from a book though. Train in Qi Gong or Dim Mak. I warn you it take decades of intense training to be able to control it, but I have seen it used and can use it a little myself (to the extent of someone who has no training).

  3. Start looking into: Qi Gong and/or Nei Gong
    “Qi” is an alternative spelling of “Chi.”
    Nei Gong is more of an “internal exercise.”
    From the little bit that I know about it, Qi Gong is about the MOST INTERNAL of all the “Internal Martial Arts.” You may find that Qi Gong is closer to some forms of yoga (I am a Jnani myself.)
    Look for some dojos in your area that teach Qi Gong.
    If you can’t find any, ask for direction at a LEGITIMATE dojo that teaches Tai Chi as a martial art.
    If there are any Buddhist temples / resource outlets in your area, contact them too.
    Although I have provided a source link, be VERY wary of “Internet evangelists” of any sort! I don’t know anything about this guy, but he gives some good introductory information (especially on MEDITATION.)

  4. 1- get a tatoo on your ass cheeks that says “front towards enemy”.
    2- eat lots and lots of beans.
    3- turn around, bend over and release your chi.

  5. You would have to look it up on line. The only real chi masters are in china. But if you want to gain your own energy focus only on your objective with no fear and no embarrassment. Don’t worry about what could happen to you young grasshoper.

  6. I learned a lot about the power of Chi when I was taking a Tai Chi class. I loved it. It teaches you about ‘rooting’ yourself and drawing Chi from your inner strength and quietness.
    Take some classes and pick up some books about Tai Chi and other forms of martial arts.

  7. chi is formemost realted to bodyheat and when touching anothers head you feel your warmth and mostly that so just be in a complete silence in a room in middle of nowhere 🙂 and dont forget to repeat the ancient chinese saying usedi n alot of classes it will help take out stress say “amaloofynacha”

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