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how do i unblock a crown chakra is i accidentally made a psychic angry who blocked it?

i had a tingling sensation in my upper left skull last night, cold tingling, and then pressure over the top of the crown – and now it feels like i am brain dead, i cannot think strait, and i cannot project thought
i don’t like how it feels
can you please tell me how to unblock it?
@ dawn – that is reassuring, though i did not ask to be “awakened” – the distance between my higher self and inner worlds right now seems vast – more so than usual –

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  1. ‘can you please tell me how to unblock it?’
    If it is severe, or you’re having cluster-headaches, seek medical advice.

  2. well stop believing that a psychic can do such thing.
    NOT beliving in an erroneous thing like that is the first step to healing.
    start chanting affirmations like..
    the more you chant this + believe it. it will be.

  3. iDentity ▉▋▏▉▏▎▉▕ ⁷ ⁵ ⁸⁴⁹⁵

    imagine a roaring sensation in your ears
    like the rings around a planet around your head at eye level
    make the roar go higher pitched and higher pitched
    and see the ring around your head (in your minds eye) aim up, to the point at the top of your head
    and start from the beginning again
    make this frequency increase, and after a while you should feel a pinprick on the top of your skull
    concentrate on this and it will become bigger

  4. lol You aren’t blocked, sweetie. Your crown chakra is being activated. You are experiencing kundalini energy. Don’t try to stop it. I can’t think straight either. I”m going through the same thing. Some of us are instantly awakened and some of us get it slowly. Hold on! It just gets better. :)))

  5. Fishy Man let me share this with you…. There is no way that any psychic that ever existed would have the power or knowledge to do that to you period…… No way Fishy Man someone is yanking your chain……….

  6. Say, “In the name of Jesus, satan get your filthy hands off of me.” But first pray for forgiveness, and for the blood of Jesus, and for Jesus to come into your heart, and the full armor of God (Read Ephesians 6:10-18). That’s the answer, but I know it may be hard for you to follow it.


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