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how do i telll if i have the mark of a witch?

i have a birth mark between my left index and middle finger, also on my stomach. and my son has on in his belly button. and my grandma on my dads side always siad i would be her little witch and my moms side grandma was 100% indain witch shaman


  • Quite often. Although mostly superstition,
    A mark, or mole will be handed down. There is no medical reason for example that moles are genetic to the same place and in a few female family members.
    One could concluded this is a witch mark handed down to the next generation of witches in a family. Example me my aunt and grandmother have the exact raised mole on the back of our necks. There are symbols such as a star that have meaning and usually if there are 3 dots inside the mark in a triangle 😉

  • i have like a weird birthmark on my right leg close to my knee so what i have at lest 6 birthmarks one looks like a star and one looks like a bird. its just a birthmark nothing more. but you want to be a witch go into witchcraft. thats what im doing

  • This a birth mark & your relatives are lieing to you. The iniquities go on the 3rd & 4th generations of those who hate God. If you choose to reject God’s Love & claim that birth mark as your fate to be an indain witch shaman, you most likely will inherit the witch spirit associated. Because you chose to believe that lie.

    I advise you to read Exodus 20, when God spoke the 10 commandments. Just choose God. He will deliver you 100% from this family curse. Also, there are many christian books on the subject of overcoming family curses.

    I pray that you have 100% deliverence from evil, through faith in Jesus Christ the Lord who died on the cross for the remission of sins & rose from the dead.

  • Pray and rebuke the evil spirits that are around you and let God keep you and protect the spriits of Satan. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a witch, God will protect you and see that your curse is broken against Satan.

  • I’m not too familiar with Indian Mysticism (I assume you mean Native American?), but I don’t think it is anything to worry about.

    Why don’t you check with a Shaman?


  • To American Indians a witch and a shaman are not the same thing. Being a witch is definitely not a positive thing.

    Your parents were probably joking.

    However, if you have marks that are resistant to sensation or develop a small extra nipple somewhere on your body that is used by a familiar to suck blood [v. compendium maleficarum], then worry.

  • Oh, I used to be a little into Wiccan (not anymore). It’s nothing physical– usually, you can tell if you’re a “Natural Witch” if you just feel right and serene and peaceful when you follow the three rules, or, in some rare cases, your god or goddess will come to you in a dream or daydream to meet you.

  • You simply choose to believe that a common birthmark is a “mark of witch.”

    There is no other way to identify such a thing.

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