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How do I tell my dad that im Wiccan?

my dad’s a Baptist and my mom is a Buddhist. my parents are divorced and my mom knows that im wiccan. i just need some tips on what i should say to him.


  1. Since your dad married a Buddhist he probably doesn’t believe in Christianity anyway.
    Just go up to him and say “I’m a Wiccan”. It’s not like he can do anything about it.

  2. Dad I am a devil worshipping witch who has rejected everything you believe in and stand for. LOL
    OK seriously, Dad I am a Wiccan. Its to the poing.

  3. My tip would be not to use the term “Wiccan” right away. I feel like there are a lot of negative connotations that go with that word. Maybe lead in by explaining what it is that you believe and how you came to that system of beliefs before labeling it.

  4. You don’t necessarily have to. Your religion is your own business. But if you’re going to tell him, break it to him gently. Tell him about your religion before he has a chance to say it’s devil-worship or something like that.

  5. You try to tell a Baptist that your Wiccan, there will be Hell. How about before you stick to this new “religion” (aka fad) look up some of the history of it.

  6. That would be tough to tell a baptist! If you belive in the teaching of the wiccan religion then stand by them. Make a list of why you believe and don’t believe in the teaching of both religions and show him the list. Don’t come out and say I don’t believe what you believe. Act somewhat confuzed about your choice and just say you were doing some research and found that you agree with alot of things that are taught in the wiccan religion!

  7. Just say ” dad an i talk to u for a sec.?” then just sit down with him and say, :” dad, i am a wiccan, ” and if he says sumth lke o u can’t be a wiccan! then say, i hv been a wiccan for ______yrs. and it hasnt affected me or how much i love u. 🙂 i hope everything goes well!

  8. You:Dad, I need to tell you something.
    Dad: OMG!! Are you pregnant?!?!
    You:A little but that’s not important right now.
    Dad:Well, what is it sweetheart?
    You:Dad, I”m a Wiccan.
    Dad:A wha?
    You:A Wiccan. A witch pretty much.
    Dad:….BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG stop. You’re really pregnant right?

  9. To me my faith is personal. My daughters joke about my Paganism a bit I never made an announcement since I felt it was not necessary

  10. Some of the answers here assume that your Mom was always a Buddhist, and that your Dad must’ve been okay with it. But you didn’t say whether that’s the case or not. For all we know, she became a Buddhist and that’s part of the reason they split up!
    You know your Dad, and I’m guessing you know what he believes, and how close to the “Baptist party line” he is. The fact that you’re stressing over telling him leads me to think you’re worried about getting a negative reaction from him.
    Your beliefs are your business, and you don’t have to tell him if you don’t want to. My mom’s the only one in my family who knows I’m Pagan. But I agree with some others who’ve said you may not want to use the word “Wiccan” right off the bat. Due to a mistranslation of the Bible, a lot of Christian sects have been told “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” and to many outsiders there’s no difference between a Wiccan and a Witch. (The actual word was poisoner, mistranslated as “witch” in the King James version, and King James was very paranoid of witches, so this may have been deliberate.)
    I would start off by using the word Pagan; start from the general and move towards the specific when you feel more comfortable. Be prepared to deal with a LOT of misconceptions about what it means to be Pagan: that word is almost as loaded as witch, but a little less so. It helps if you have a list prepared of common beliefs about Paganism or Wicca held by outsiders, with a corresponding answer to them. A good little book to prepare with is “When Someone You Love Is Wiccan.” I don’t remember the author but it’s available on amazon.com.
    Don’t stress too much over this though. At least you have one parent who seems to be okay with your choice, which is more than a lot of Pagans have. 🙂

  11. Depending on why he divorced your mom (ie, if it was for a different reason then religion) it might not be so hard. Depending on how closed he is to the ideas of different faiths, you shouldn’t have to worry about how he’ll feel about yours.
    My mother is a devout Christian, and she has no problem with me being an atheist. Her desire is for me to be happy, which I am.
    Even if your father is a hard-core, there is only one true faith, kinda Baptist, you should still tell him. He is your dad, and you will only hurt your relationship more by lying to him. He will either accept you for who you are, or he won’t. If he loves you, he will want you to be happy, regardless of your spiritual views.


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