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how do i take revenge on someone?

6yrs ago an old friend stole my identity and ruin my credit… i didnt know until it was too late.. i was buying a car and seen all the accounts she opened, charged up and put in delinquency.. me being young and stupid didnt know what to do but report it to the cops. i thought the cops were suppose to handle it with the information ive given to them on her.. long story short. it took over 5 years to get everything cleared. I cant do press charges bc its been too long, the cops dont care and i dont have the money or cant find a lawyer to help me.. I found her on facebook.. other than that i dont know where she is.. she is very shaddy.. any suggestions on what to do to her? or should i just let karma take its course.. or what should i do?


  1. i know its hard but let it go, karma really is a bitch and hers will catch up 2 her, as the saying goes!!! remember 2 wrongs dnt make a right.. goodluck, love light n peace 2 u

  2. You saw the kind of shit you can get from her already. I would try and ignore it and I do believe she will get hers.
    You might also try a pro bono lawyer service if finances are the problem.

  3. Hey! I am so sorry that this happened to you. It really sucks. Its sad that the authorities did not help you in any way. This definitely must have rattled your faith and that is the toughest part. The best revenge is to go on with your life and be happy. What goes around comes around. Eventually, when you least expect it, you will hear that something happened to her…it is just a matter of time..Just keep turning the situation over to a Higher Source. I wish you all the best!

  4. I’m sorry to hear that. You should still keep pushing to press charges against her. Maybe you didn’t have enough evidence or show how much money was actually being spent by her for them to take it seriously.

  5. She is a bitch for doing that to you. If that happened to me, i’d tell my sister and she’d find someone to beat her up for me. But i don’t think you can do much to her without causing problems for yourself.

  6. dam shes asian ur in a tight situation ok dude GET LIFE LOCK!!!! it a identity theft protector enter the promo code sport to get a free trial its advertised on sporting news radio its legit im not lying to you id try to frame her in some way to et revenge try to get to know a friend of hers or no where she is at least then drop the bomb

  7. wow sounds like a shit situation youre in. anyway ive always thought of high success as the best way to get revenge on somebody. well good luck with your problem

  8. Probably not something you want to hear but, shes pretty. There’s not much you can do unless you commit a crime against her and Im not sure what good that will do you. If she stole your ID then its pretty safe to say shes made a habit of doing the same to others because hers is already shot. I would suggest letting Karma take its course. A dog on a leash can only run so far before it hangs itself. Hope you heal your anger soon and not allow her to steal your peace of mind as well.

  9. Best thing you can do is let it go. Karma will step in when its time. I’ve had people do rotten things to me, and I’ve wanted to hurt them back, but in the end I didn’t have to. Karma did.

  10. Let it go, I know that’s easier said then done but if you believe in God you know that it won’t help her get past the golden gates, forgive and forget.

  11. well. first answer, im honoured. Here is what i would do, it may take about 6motnhs to do, so u have to be patient. keep an eye on her facebook, and maybe add some of her close friends. be as shaddy and sneaky as you can and ask them about where she might be but VERY subtly. (eg. so, we used to go up to this lake house in awsomeville. I think she used to live around there, does she still?) stuff like that. Anyway eventually find out (from different people also) where she is, ifyou know she is living by herself or who she is living with then you could do a white pages search. find out where she is and give her a visit.
    you should be as sneaky as you can, and if u want to get really mean, then u could wait until you see her doing something incriminating, like stealing something (follow her around a bit first) and photograph it. then u could ask her nicely to pay you all the money she took from you. When she says no, show her the photos. and say that you would really like her to pay you the money.
    good luck.

  12. Damn is one ugly b****. I know it’s hard to try and give advice to someone about something when they have never been in there shoes, but i would just let it go cause lets say you do do something ‘your’ karma will come to haunt you! So just ya know let it go and let ‘her’ karma haunt her, I mean it looks like it already has cause she is just… “barf out gag me with a spoon” quoted from frank zappa! But just hang in there she’ll get hers. Until then just protect yourself. Let the love go around, peace!


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