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how do i sustain more energy when trying to block out negative thoughts?

i always do well for awhile but then get fatigued and the negativity slowly consumes me again. how do i get more energy to fight it off


  1. Negativity does not consume you, you consume negativity.
    Eat, see, hear, smell, etc…better things and you’ll be putting in you positivity instead of negativity.

  2. Make time. Return to the source. Where are you getting your positive vibes? Go back there, wherever it is.
    (Personally, I chant more, which brings me energy and encouragement from the Buddha, but that’s just me.)

  3. Use a protective balloon. This is an especially good technique for use on public transportation. Envision a force feild around yourself about the size of a large beach ball. When I do this in the subway people sometimes move away from the seats nearest me, because they can feel the barrier when they come within it. I find that this energy bubble gives me energy rather than draining me. But when I sit inside a friend’s bubble when she does it, I feel my energy drained. I think it takes energy from those around you. That may be why it works better in public.
    If you energy drain persists, try telling your psychiatrist.
    Good Luck.

  4. Trying to block a thought is exhausting and almost impossible!
    Instead, REPLACE it with positive, uplifting thoughts.
    Think of something that is emotionally meaningful to you… a favorite place, a sport or activity you enjoy, the plans you have for a future trip that you are looking forward to, the creative project (song, artwork, computer program, carpentry, car renovation, etc.) that you are working on. Make a list of all these things you can think of, so you have that list ready and don’t have to come up with an idea to think about at the moment you need it.
    When you are thinking about one of these positive thoughts, go into great detail. Make it a long, involved story for yourself, with lots of details. Really use your imagination and all your senses (what do you see, smell, feel?). If you are able to, write it down, draw pictures, really get into the idea!
    Works for me.


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