Home Discussion Forum How do I summon the daemon Succubus?

How do I summon the daemon Succubus?

Succubus, the goddess of sex…


  1. you take you under garments off and lie sprawl eagle in the middle of the park, i will be along shortly after serving this one,

  2. Smear yourself in lavender oil and one thousand crushed Persian ladybugs, then chant incessantly, “I must get a life, I must get a life.”
    If that doesn’t work, ask a local Catholic priest for help.

  3. Without divulging too much information (for fear of what you are planning to do after you ‘summon’ her), first of all I don’t think we should ever ‘summon’ gods… as if we should be ordering them around! They deserve just as much respect as the next guy. You certainly can politely invite her to you and ask her to help you out. It doesn’t have to be formal and in some unintelligible Latin incantation. Just make it up as you go. It’s just like prayer. She will probably prefer you to be genuine and sincere rather than formal and stuffy!

  4. Practice sex magic. Succubus are negative sex energy daemons. They affect males only. Succubi are the male version. When you let one into you, you will be possed by it, and you will not be able to remove it on your own. It will take a strong magician to remove it. Meanwhile, you are being mentally and physically manipulated into have taboo sex. Whatever type of sex you dislike, will be brought to your attention and you will manipulated by the daemon into fantasizing, and practicing the sex that will appear taboo to you. I highly recommend that if you are not the master of your sexual energy, that you do not call in one. If you are trying to call in one to attach itself to someone else, you will still be affected by the daemon in a backlash sort of manner. This is very serious, and deep magick, be damn sure you know yourself, and that you are coming from your heart, and not from lust.

  5. For the sake of all that is holy . . .
    please dont make the same mistake I had the unfortune
    of doing on numerous occasions

  6. Just e-mail her. She has a couple of e-mail addresses. I can’t remember them off-hand but I’ll let you know when I think of them.

  7. A Succubus is not the goddesss of sex, but is in fact a demonic entity,who taking the form of a female seduces her victim and psychically and physically takes captive.
    This is not in a fun mutually consenting adult human S & M way,but a horrifying and draining experience. Demonolgy is NOT to be undertaken in any form.
    In all mythos,Gods and Goddesses are the representations of emotions, feelings and actions, apparent and submerged. They are the allegory for what we are, period. So everything you desire is standing before you……just look inside.

  8. Succubus & Incubus are not gods or goddesses they are Demons only that are purely sex driven. Anytime you mess with this type of darkness you are playing with fire and there is a very good chance you will get burned. Try studying Necromancy before you attempted to mess with such things.

  9. Dealing with darker powers always carries a terrible price. These things take pieces of your mind and soul every time you deal with them, and will leave you an empty broken shell.
    Don’t give me any garbage about being powerful enough to handle it either. I’m willing to bet you’ve got less than a decade of experience in dealing with the paranormal. These things are as old as time itself, more cunning than any human, and pure Evil.
    It. Is. A. Bad. Idea.
    Let it go, do something more productive with your life. Either that, or get used to the idea of a room with padded walls.

  10. If you want to work with a sex goddess, I recommend Aphrodite or Venus. The Succubus isn’t a goddess, it’s a type of demon that attacks men in their sleep and drains the life out of them. Or, it’s a myth to explain why celebate monks in the Middle Ages had erotic dreams. Demons were always taking female form to try and tempt them out of their celebacy. That’s what Succubi were. Inccubi are the male equivalent. They prey on women. Basically, they’re demonic rapists. Not something you really want to summon.
    Now, as for Aphrodite, best way to call on her — and when you’re dealing with deities you Invoke them, you don’t “summon” them — is with a hymn;
    Also give her offerings. She likes roses, rose oil, sandalwood incense, olive oil, and wine. Pray for that which you desire, and remember to thank her profusely.

  11. From your post history I’d hazard a guess that you’re . . . late teens?
    You’ve gotten some very good advice from some of the “old hands” here in this thread. Heed it well.
    I’m going to add one last bit . . . you don’t need a daemon, or a goddess, hon. Just a date, or maybe even just a night of no-holds-barred “revenge” or “makeup” sex, whichever the case may be. Think about WHY you’re asking the question . . . and remember that the best answers to situations are usually the LEAST complicated ones.

  12. If you wish to do that. Then first you should check and see if all of your light-bulbs are lit……………………. All of you people that can wait to call up a demon, Really scare me. For all of you people really can’t have any idea of what you could be doing……………………………………………………………………………

  13. Don’t Do It
    1. You have No Idea what you are asking for
    2. It will destroy you
    3. If you have a significant other they will leave you due to the way that you are acting
    4. DONT DO IT


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