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how do I summon a succubus?


  1. First do a little more research. I know they sound like an adolescent boy’s dream, but Succubi do have a down side. They can mess up any subsequent relationship. I know, you’re thinking, I’m not doing so great right now, but trust me, life gets better.
    A relationship with a Succubus is about as meaningful and productive as a relationship with a vacuum cleaner. They have their good points, but they are a limited in their gifts.

  2. Hit yourself in the face with a frying pan. Keep doing it until you start hallucinating.
    I mean seriously dude, you think a succubus is real? Don’t be such a rube.

  3. Are things going so badly in your life that you would actually like to have a demon visit you in your dreams… Yes your dream, for the only other way is for these demons to visit you is for them to possess a dead body and reanimate and use their powers of illusion on you so that you can not see and smell the dead body that they will use so that you can make love to it… That really sounds like you are a very sick person……….. If you don’t mind can you please tell me how old you really are………………….


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