How do I study Thai yoga and Thai massage at Wat Poh?

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I’m a tourist in Bangkok, Thailand who wants to study Thai massage and Thai yoga during my stay here. What’s the cheapest way to get from Rama IX (Soi 3, near IT Mall) to Wat Poh and back?
Also, do I need a student visa to study at the Thai medicine center there? Do they speak English? How much does it cost and how long does it take to get a certification?

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direct link for information…
it’s too much to answer becuase they have so much courses.
Traditional massage,foot massage baby massage ect.
wish you luck 🙂

Khun Bob

Below is the link to Wat Po massage school, I know nothing about a yoga school. Your very far from Wat Po recommend you either move closer or prepare for long trips to and from. No skytrain train or subway can get you there, they can get you close but your still going to need other transporation either taxi or bus.

Gerald J

From the IT Mall you easily and cheaply get to Wat Po by taking the Saen Saeb canal boats from right next to the Petchburi MRT station (one stop away from the Rama IX MRT station at the IT Mall). The canal boats will take you all the way to the Golden Mount Temple, from there you can bus, taxi, tuk-tuk or even walk to Wat Po. Another option is to take a combination of the subway and skytrain to the end of the Saphan Taksin Skytrain line, from the Central/Sathorn Pier you can take a water taxi up the river right to Wat Po.
I don’t anything about the massage school, but I would imagine that someone there speaks English.


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