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How do I strengthen my life force/aura?

I feel I drain too many people of their energy, I am wondering if this has to do with possibly having a weak life force.
Any thoughts from those educated in this area?


  1. Focus on love. Try to love as much as possible. Appreciate everyone in their own unique ways. Appreciate how everyone uniqueness contributes to the beautiful whole. Not only love people but things, and concepts. The energy of love is the most powerful energy in the universe and it will make your aura glow like the sun, even after a day. That’s why when people are in love with someone people say they have a “glowing” appearance to them. Buddhist and Saints are always in a deep state of love for everything. They unconditionally love everything like how a parent loves their child. Without judgment they love and appreciate everything in it’s own unique way. Feeling this way daily brings a lot of loving energy that creates almost a snowball effect which makes them even more loving and as a result, they have very bright auras.

  2. meditate. It will stengthin your aura and your knowledge of self.
    you can practice controling it, forcing yourself not to draw from others unless you wish to.
    seeing as you drain from others, that also means you would adapt what their feeling and their moods, thus if you learn to push their energy away, instead of drawing it in, it would help with that.

  3. First you might want to get more information about what your “life force” or Chi is; and what an Aura is. It’s hard to converse on these subjects without a common understanding of what these things are.
    An aura is nothing more than characteristics of the magnetic energy field that surrounds your body. Science has already proven that we all have this energy field, it can be measured, it can be photographed and it can be seen if you learn how. And anyone can learn to do it.
    Your life force is just another name for your energy field, it can be called Chi, Ki, or a variety of other things. And it reflects how you physically and mentally feel. So as you expend energy and become tired, your energy field will reflect this. If you’re happy and bouncing around the day, you’re field will reflect this.
    Everyone knows someone who drains them of energy. People sometimes call these individuals ‘energy vampires’. They’re the kind of people who are always down, always complaining, always fighting against the world and wanting everyone else to feel as they do. Such people suck the energy from you, and if their also negative about you and what you do, that can only make things worse.
    If you feel like you’re sucking energy from those around you then the place to look is within yourself and what you do. It’s not really having a weak life force, it’s how negative you are with yourself, with those around you and within your life.
    If you want to change this, you need to start with your perspective. How to turn around those things about yourself and your life that you don’t like. It sounds like a big task to some, but it’s not. If you start on one thing at a time, you can turn things around. Start with 1 negative thing you think happens to you in a day. Before the day is over, work to turn that 1 thing around to something positive. Before you know it, you’ll be doing this on a daily bais without even thinking about it.


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