how do i strengthen my existing psychic powers?





im slightly empathic (i sense other peoples emotions) but im very weak and dont always sense people
can you either tell me a way or refer me to a site or specific article to become a more sensitive empath?


  1. I am also an empathic and i learned throughout my life that science can’t always help.So,i learned by myself not to allow people’s energy affect my health .I did that by blocking them in my mind.Because dealing with people’s emotion all the time drains your energy and you don’t want to feel sick,sad,mad…everyday.You can improve your psychic skills everyday by training yourself with people.However,you should not let people know that you are doing this.And be always aware of what your limits are.

  2. If you are indeed empathic, then chances are good you’re not always aware of when you’ve picked things up. I tend to feel things as if they were my own. Only in the last few years have I gotten strong enough to be able to recognize when I’m picking something up.
    Meditation helps. It helps quiet the mind “chatter”. the quieter your mind is, the “louder” the stuff you pick up via empathy gets. how you meditate is up to you, but I found the grounding and clearing meditations on this site to be extremely helpful.
    grounding and clearing is something you’ll need to learn how to do or you’ll go mad.
    otherwise, I sit and focus on my breathing, in through the nose, out through the mouth, slow, deep, and even breaths. I let my mind go, I don’t hold onto thoughts, I let them come in and then flow out. Like a river.
    BTW… don’t expect miracles. it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s a slow process.

  3. Ask one question, likee.
    How was your day?
    And they will reply.
    And you can tell there emotion.
    Just like that(:

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