Home Discussion Forum How do I store negative energy in a gem, stone, or necklace?

How do I store negative energy in a gem, stone, or necklace?

serous answers only guys, I am for real about this.


  1. answer: you don’t – things can pick up energy along the way. It’s not stored – negative or positive, especially in gems or crystals, those are conductors, not batteries.

  2. You don’t.
    What you do is adopt a half-*ssed plagiarism of bits of Buddhism and Hinduism as well as some misused terminology from modern physics to create an illusion of credibility about yourself. You then take a bunch of cheap rocks, ascribe “powers” to each one, and sell them at hundreds of times their actual value to gullible people.
    Saying things about ‘storing negative energy’ is something that you do to help sell these things; it’s not something that actually makes sense with regard to anything that’s real.

  3. Take a deep breath. Relax. Visualize all that negative energy flowing into that gemstone, getting trapped. You’ll feel much better afterward.

  4. There is no such thing as negative energy. Energy is either zero or greater than zero, in a closed system (i.e. the universe) the total energy is constant.

  5. If you are for real about this you should know you can pick up any number of books that will help you construct a thought-form to do it. You should not be asking this on here.

  6. are you wanting to charge the stone, or dissipate negativity?
    ‘negative’ energy isn’t any different from ‘positive’, it’s all in how you use it. generally, people don’t charge stones, they work with their natural vibrations.
    if you’re wanting to dissipate negativity, visualize the energy going into the stone, then bury it for a few days or cleanse it in salt water. my crystal-working friends prefer burial by far, so that the earth can ‘recycle’ the energy.


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