How do i stop with the negative thinking?

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Hi there,
For a while now i have had alot of negative thoughts on my mind, i think about the what if this happens what if that happens, and its stopping me from moving on in life.
I want to know that if i start to move foward and do positive things will the negative thoughts go or will the negative energies created by my negative thoughts stop me in my path.
How can i guard my subconscious mind from negative thoughts so that in the end they dissapear i need to do something.
I refuse to live a life other than the one i have in my dreams and even though i know i can achieve it in the end, this negativity is stopping me.
10 points best answer thank you. 🙂

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The negative thoughts cannot stop you doing anything you want to do. Only you can stop you. Sometimes you need the negative thoughts to stop you hurting yourself. Try and balance your life more and if you are feeling negative jump up and do something positive. Grab the world by the throat and give it a good shake.You may find that your “negativity” is actually you not being able to make your mind up
Good Luck and get on with it.


If you know the right thing to do to advance your plans then you must do it. We all have doubts about our abilities and chances for success. The truly successful simply tune them out. There is no answer for this other than you exhibiting enough self-awareness to override your negative feelings.


You do not realise it but by trying to fight your negativity you are giving it strength.Allow this phase to pass by watching your negative thoughts and not identifying them with yourself..visualise you are watching them happen as you stand outside of your mind looking in.It’s hard to be the thoughts and the observer at the same time so focus on being the observer and the thoughts will melt away.
You maybe need to become more aware of how the mind works against us and how we can change this with practise.A book called ‘The Power Of Now’ explains how we become slaves to ourselves and how to free ourselves from thoughts that we think are controlling’s well worth a read.


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