How do I stop this perpetual "give up artist" who lives in me or was I just born this way?

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I am a new child in my realization of my own awakening. I want to learn every art form. For the past 6 weeks, clay has been my medium and I am new to this. Clay is very technical and once form is learned, the true artist will come out to sculpt and create. I have never felt an art so emotionally challenging. All my life I would go from one thing to another and this part of me continues this trait which I am not sure is good or bad. In my class there are three of us, 2 are 18 and I am 45. We feel defeated because mastering the form is something which takes years of experience. All three of us females who are very spiritual and philosophical. We enjoy all true art. One other young lady spends most of her time in the glass studio. Whole different vibe up there. One I am more drawn to.
Hi shelley,
Art is just a “catharsis” for me, but I have been so vulnerable attending this art school with so many other talented people. I had no real expectations except to immerse myself into an area where art abounds. You are right though, just have fun.
I have given that much thought about a meditation retreat. At least for over a year now, my spirit desired to get away from the life I once knew in SC. Being at Penland and working with clay is mindless, but very spiritual at the same time. Everyone in our studio have been a part of the spiritual energy my spirit needed. They too are experiencing a newness within themselves. Our instructor has been very validating for me as well as a special woman who once was just like me. So many beautiful and talented spirits in this place. My spirit lead me there for a reason and it is slowly revealing the gift.
I just want to thank you beautiful soul friends how much I appreciate you. Your continual wisdom in each one of you brings me back to loving who I am and allowing this journey to unfold without a life map.
I love you all!

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do art for fun, not to master it (although you can take that as a challenge). the important thing is to express yourself and enjoy doing it, not necessarily to be the best.


The “age” issue . . . Age is simply the number of years the person’s feet have been walking this planet. No more, no less.
” We feel defeated “. No one can “make” you feel any way without your permission. If a person feels “defeated”. . . That’s the “feeling” that individual allowed themselves to feel.
You feel drawn to do something ? Then do it. As long as any action does not cause harm to self or others, is not breaking any laws and causing no embarrassment to self or those around you…If none of that is being done…Then do what pleases you.
Careful not to hold your own self emotional “hostage”.
Wonder, explore, “drink” in life, experience. Simply, preciously Be.


People don’t give up because it’s Tuesday and they have 15 minutes free before their Pilates class starts. Surrendering is a learned behavior, just as winning is, and both can be encouraged (or discouraged) in ourself by others. Children don’t teach themselves to give up; they play with their toys until you pry it from their cold clammy fingers, and if you do, they cry like the world is ending (which it is, for them.)
So the question isn’t why are you moving on but what are you trying to express that is forcing you to change mediums constantly, since you can’t begin to learn the intricacies of an art until you settle down into a long painful and passionate relationship with it. Then again, fears of commitment (success and/or failure) aren’t always expressed in relationships with people, sometimes they are expressed in relation to ourself. Can’t succeed, or fail, if you never stick around long enough to find out.
Everything takes work to make work. But work without passion usually has nothing to say, especially in the world of art. Art is about saying and saying it loud enough that it can be heard in the rounded curves of a glass vase or the splash of red on a white canvas. But you can’t shape the words if you don’t know how to speak. Glass or clay or paper or paint is only as eloquent as the artist using it. Learn to speak within, and the clay or glass or paper will take it from there.

Dances with Kali

What do you love to do? Do that and you will be working with “the energy of passion” or as it is called in the East Kundalini, which comes from love and informs all things of loves existence. you can feel it, it is exciting and blissful, to do anything else is to fall into the grip of Maya. But then again the learning process is necessary and not always easy, in the end you yourself will make the choice, choosing your own destiny.

Rez Rostov

This brings to mind a quote by Balthus:
…”The haste of contemporary painters is atrocious insofar as it rejects the necessary craftsmanship that painting requires from those dedicated to it. Nothing can be done without a slow movement of the mind in unadorned humility, which one must retain.”
substitute sculpting for painting or glass blowing or anything else, there is always that technical ladder we have to climb to get to that place where the art will flow naturally from our fingertips.
If you are really dedicated to the craft you will stick with it and the reward will come.
If its just a means of working out inner feelings then go with what feels right.
Have you given any thought to a meditation retreat?

Jesus did this for you

It sounds like art is a healing or spiritual venture for you. Stick with it. Don’t worry about the talent you or anyone else has. Immerse yourself in it. Enjoy it for what it is. It’s good that you’re searching for what works for you. Never stop searching.


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