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How do I stop obsessing over finding someone?

It’s all I can think about. I’m sick of being to ugly to date, and a lot I can’t change, literally. It is all I think about, when I play some video games, play bass, even hanging out with friends (I’m starting to p*ss a few people off too). I want to stop it from being priority #1. It comes off in a negative aura and its quite unhealthy, but I really can’t help it. How do I block it from my mind?


  1. Well…just don’t worry about finding someone. I mean just live your life. Go about your normal routine. Just being cool and enjoying life will send off a calm vibe and girls will be drawn to that. Trust me. =)

  2. You only have one life so live it, and have fun with what you have. Just think about it that way, I mean take chances and crap, and don’t force your self to finding someone, let it take time and let her/him come to you naturally. Finding someone especially THE ONE isn’t easy, it takes time, so slow your pace and wait for the right one :]

  3. It’s a normal part of life to want companionship and not be lonely forever.
    But if you are a decent person with a kind soul and you treat everyone right and with respect, you will find someone eventually.
    Don’t make your whole day about it. Enjoy life, and it may just come along. Maybe you need to first focus your attention on yourself and realize you are not ‘too ugly to date’ and love yourself before someone else can love you.
    I am in this sort of situation as well. 21 and have never had a serious relationship, from time to time it bothers me when i see all my friends happy as couples. but then when i put up with their whinging and fighting about partners i actually feel glad i’m single.
    I’m not in any hurry. I intend to travel europe, who knows my guy might be on the other side of the planet.
    Your time will come

  4. There’s nothing that you can’t change about your external appearance, maybe you just don’t have the resource to do it. Look at how ugly people become celebrities.
    You are actually angry with your lack of resource (which go to the fact that you lack marketable skill to earn the money for plastic surgery, image consultant fee and buying the latesst fashion). Stop saying that you can’t help yourself.

  5. think about other things that make you feel happy. do things that make you feel good about yourself. when you have fun in life and do things for you it changes your attitude about yourself. If you have a good attitude about yourself it shows in your appearance and everything works out for the best. Also dont think of yourelf as an ugly person because that is how others will see you too. Just go with the flow and you can find a girl in no time 🙂
    Have a good outlook about youself and you’ll be fine. You are not ugly. look in the mirror and convince yourself that you are a handsome man. if you dont belive that you are a great person who else will?

  6. I know what you mean all my friends have had a boyfriend but i’m the only one i feel like i’m so ugly and i saw this commercial where this woman said for people to see you as beautiful you have to see yourself as beautiful i tried but i look in the mirror and still i see myself as ugly and how could a guy ever date this ugly creature and it seems that i’m always paranoid about my looks when nobody even cares what to do.


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