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How do i stop my migraines?

I take several prescriptions and have even tried herbals. Once i get the auras and i lose my vision there is nothing i can do releive it. How can i cope with this?


  1. Lay down in a nice, dark room. Make sure there are no interruptions because the darkness will calm you down. Also while you are there, take a small nap. When I get migraines, I usually take about an hour nap. Sometimes I wake up still my headache but almost 95% of the time, they are gone after I wake up. Hope it helps!!

  2. I don’t get migraines, but I do get headaches. Mine is caused by upper back and neck muscle tightness. I have learned how to stretch to avoid a headache, but I started by going to the chiropractor. I highly recommend chiropractors for headache pain. My mother gets migraines and claims that chiropractors dramatically improved her situation as well.

  3. I am the owner of an Oxygen Bar and combine Oxygen with Aroma Therapy. I have had many customer come in with bad migrains (Some had to be driven here due to the pain). I give them an O2 session with either lavendar or Peppermint aromas (Must be natural essential oils) This has helped every customer that I have had come in with this problem. I just had one this morning and after 15 minutes of O2 and Lavander/tangerine she left without a headache. Many say this is myth but I know for fact it has helped myself and many very happy customers. See if there is an Oxygen Bar in yor area. It can’t hurt to try.
    Oxygen Therapy benefits:
    Increases stamina and endurance
    Detoxifies the blood and strengthens the immune system
    Heightens concentration and alertness
    Relief from hangovers!!!!!!!!!!
    Relief from stag and migraine headaches!
    Helps the digestion system to perform more efficiently!
    Improves hair and skin conditions!
    Improves stamina!
    Replenishes body’s energy level!
    Filters toxins from the blood!
    Clarity of the mind!


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