How do I stop liking anime women in favor of real women?

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Anime can affect the subconscious by conditioning the mind to respond positively to women with unrealistically proportioned eyes, hair, body, and chest. The downside is that real women are not up to par as they do not meet expectations of body types shown in anime. How does one recondition the brain to respond positively to non-animated women?

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Grow up

The Reginald Kipper Herring

try getting out in the world a little more and spending time with real women. Put the comics and anime aside for a while and soon you’ll put those overly chesty cartoons out of you’re head. You’ll find that real life women are not that bad.


Lol I would say try watching TV with real women instead of anime women more… maybe try pornography? lmao
Otherwise… sorry dude unlucky enjoy a life of lonely anime!


well its truly impossible but there is a remedy that is finding one of the hardest girls to find a girl who a looks hot to you and she must love anime too and play video games if ur into video games if not just one that likes anime. Why would she want to like anime so you can cosplay with her and have relations that way if you want.


You don’t need to be worry as you grow older you, your guy harmony will eventually make you want to have xxx and you will be in favor of real women. Although women is not as cute as anime one endure it dude. What can you do about it jump in there and find one lol. Anime is your hobby future your job, house, wife, etc.


Try to find a girl with the same personality as your favorite anime girl.

Sierra Donovan

when you are watching anime on tv or on the internet and a hot girl with big brests walks up onthe screan i would say that you should either you stop watching it or just not look at her. besides why have a silly love crush on an anime girl. it is not like your are ever going to go out with her or anything. you should try getting a real girlfriend or something like that.


Yeah, they don’t generally match up, do they? Well start with a Japanese girlfriend and move on!


What the heck are you talking about? What’s this reconditioning thing you speak of? Sure you won’t find women out there with unrealistically proportioned eyes but the hair, body and chest are present in the real world. You just need to know where to look.


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