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How do I stop falling asleep during meditation?

I have been trying meditation a couple of times, but I keep falling asleep, what is the best way to prevent this?


  1. Sleep like meditation is an altered state of mind. Your problem might require sleep as opposed to mediation at this time. Once you mind works it out you most likely can meditate on this problem without sleeping.
    Wasn’t thinking about a problem you say? You mind has many layers.

  2. meditation and concentration. don’t you get enough sleep normally?
    maybe you need a guru to learn how to meditate correctly.

  3. practice shamatha meditation where you focus on a deity or a candle or some object instead of merely closing your eyes. Or add chants — either Buddhist or Hindu mantras to help you. Maybe add some light music or look into a mandala for greater awareness. Make it fun and be creative. Good Luck.

  4. yeah, concentrate and position yourself in a not comfortable way..or change your time to meditate..i recommend to meditate in the morning 😀

  5. There’re several reasons, that I can think of, that make you fall asleep during meditation.
    1. You don’t have enough sleep. Make sure you have enough sleep. It’s advisable to begin our meditation session in the morning when one has had enough sleep. One can also meditate in the evening, if one’s not too tired.
    2. You have your meal before meditation. If you want to meditate, make sure that you have a light meal before meditation (you can always eat more after meditation). Why can’t you eat a heavy meal before meditation? It’s because all the blood goes into your stomach and thus leaving your mind dull.
    3. Temperature can be a problem. If it’s too warm in the room, one can feel sleepy.
    4. Posture. It’s very important to have your backbone straightened up. You need to use two sitting mats instead of one. Put one on the floor and the other one halfway on top of it. This is to straighten our backbone.
    5. Don’t bend your head too much. Bend your head slightly downward.
    6. You may need to leave your eyes slightly opened so that light can get into your retina. But, don’t pay attention to the light. Just pay attention to the object of meditation such as breath or anything you chose.
    7. The other reason why you feel sleepy is because the mind finds it boring. Maybe you need to shorten your meditation session into 15-20 minutes per session. Try one session a day for 15 minutes, either in the morning or in the evening.
    8. When you’re aware your mind is sleepy, you may visualize bright light in front of your eyes for some time. After that, you can bring your mind back to the object again.
    Anyway, there’re a couple of websites about meditation. Feel free to have a look at any of them. I think there’re a couple of sites which provide us the way to overcome the hindrances in meditation.
    http://www.bswa.org/modules/mydownloads/viewcat.php?cid=4 (search The Five Hindrances)
    So, Good Luck! =)
    May you always be well and happy…
    May all beings always have happiness….

  6. Don’t lie on your bed if you keep falling asleep there.
    Try sitting on the floor with a comfortable pillow underneath you. Get comfortable, but not TOO comfortable. Keep your back straight and just focus on your breathing.
    If it still doesn’t work, drink a little tea to energize the body. Keep on meditating brother!

  7. When you fall asleep during meditation your body is listening to what it needs at that time which for you is sleep. Maybe try meditating 1st thing after you wake up.


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