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How do I stop biting my fingers?

I recently realized that I have a serious oral fixation with biting my fingers and lips.
It seriously is subconscious. I try so hard to set my mind to not do it, but I don’t even realize I’m doing it.
Any suggestions on some therapeutic ways to relieve this tension, I assume, that causes me to do this? But even when I’m NOT anxious I just do it.


  1. It’s hard…I know. I do the same thing. There are many places that sell clean nail polish that makes it so your nails taste horrible! Or you could sit on your hands.. Or just stop! Go cold turkey!

  2. Nail polish remover. Wipe down your finger nails with it, and when you go bite them..you get a nasty taste. Soon enough, it won’t become a habit. When you’re nervous, try putting your hands in your pockets instead. I have the same problem, but picking my nails. All I did was paint my nails pretty, but seeing as you’re a guy, um, lol don’t do that. Try just the nail polish remover remedy first.

  3. I know how you feel. It took me a while to get rid of that habit. But when you think about what you’ve touched all day do you really want that in your mouth?! I don’t think I would. Just try to catch yourself when you’er about to bit and/or biting. Hope this helps.


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