how do i stop believing in astrology?

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i think im addicted to it, its do i stop

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Astrology is a science, not a belief. Earth is boring imo, give me your telescope.




Just remember that the predictions it gives you are ALWAYS vague and apply to nearly everyone.
For example, Criss Angel charged people 5 dollars to predict their future, told each person the EXACT SAME THING, and they all said that he got it right and was amazing. Not only that, but he didn’t even make up the predictions–they were from a newspaper. Only after did he reveal the truth and refund their money.
Also, your astrological sign might not actually be the constellation you were born under, since the positions have changed since the dates have been decided.
It’s bunk. Read the horoscopes in the paper if you want purely for amusement but never take them seriously.


Oh that’s so easy to do. A snap!
Rather than try to “stop cold turkey,” I might suggest that you simply put your attention on something more substantial, more powerful, more fun! If you do that, you will not be looking for the buzz/security you get from astrology.
Now, here is the easy part. Substitute the feeling of real love and support from the Universe/God/Divine, whatever you want to call it. After you do that a few times, astrology will look soooo superficial to you. You could probably even go back to it just for fun.
I used to try to gamble. However, every time I attempted to gamble, I lost..just quarters..nothing special. But the Universe was nudging me away from any temptation whatsoever. I didn’t like losing quarters! So, I said “thank you.” I no longer care about gambling, because I know that I will just lose, thanks to the Universe.
The real question I would like to ask of you is why? Why do you find astrology appealing? Is it for security? For pleasure? You might spend some time analyzing that. When you find the answer, you will grow tremendously! You will thank astrology addiction for pointing out a larger issue in your life, and get it fixed, so it does not jump back up in some other more serious area, such as relationships, or work, or family.
Now, here is the easier part. Get to our website and watch the 3rd video on the right. If it resonates with you, just try the other free ones too. It only takes 5 minutes/day. And, when you get into the “Godspace,” pay attention to how you feel. Notice the hug from the Universe. It will be so nice. You may also receive answers to other questions you may have.
You are so precious. So, don’t worry. Have some fun with this! It’s like you are about to launch on an exciting cruise through the Universe with God strapping you in for safety. What fun!
Stay in touch if you like,
Answer Rick


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