How do I stop a Succubi from visiting me?

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A spirit appears in the form of a beautiful female keeps on visiting me while I’m asleep. The thing is, it doesn’t feel like I’m asleep because I’m aware of everything and can communicate with the spirit when this occurs. The experiences are typically erousing, but sometimes it feels like my body is being shredded by a thousand knives. When this happens, it’s really painful. It feels soooo real. My theory is that the Succubi is attacking my Spirit body, and that’s what’s being felt.

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Stop taking the LSD….. works every time…


Tell her to come visit me.


Stop bragging.


Stop getting aroused. Fight the beast.


If you didn’t want me coming over any more, you could have told me! Gosh! lol Blessed be.


Pray out loud to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


i heard that lady on montel say that pain tends to happen when you wake up before you are dome with an out of body experience watch it on wendsdays shes gunna be on tomorrow 🙂


Lope your mule before you go to sleep and the Succubi will leave you alone, works every time.


Only Jesus can stop it.


are you sure that you are not dreaming or having night terrors? wasnt this on an episode of the x-files?


Stop fantasizing so much. They will all go away then!

Allan G

tie a crucifix to your genitals before retiring at night


Tell her to go away… and get rid of alcohol, statues, anything which might attract her… porn, whatever…


Stop drinking your Rogaine LOL


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