How do I start using crystals in meditation/healing?





I just read a book called “Crystal Awareness” and would like to begin using crystals in my daily meditations and ultimately beginning to attempt the healing process with them. The part I’m confused about is the types of crystals I need and how to obtain them. First it spoke of a personal crystal, which can be worn on your body. Then it suggested another personal crystal for meditation purposes. It also suggested having a cluster for recharging purposes. I looked on into the healing formations and most of them required 6-12 crystals. My question is what type of crystals do I use for these things and where can I find them to purchase? I thought about buying one of those “grow your own crystal” sets for the cluster, but I’m unsure if the ingredients they use will produce a natural crystal formation, at least natural enough for use as a recharging device. I’d like to purchase my first personal crystal soon, but am unsure where to obtain one that’s good enough to use and inexpensive enough to allow me to purchase the other crystals. I’m sure I can find some type of personal crystal to use as a pendant, but as for the other crystals I need, what kind of crystals are best? Do they all have to be clear or white crystals or can they have color to them? How big should they be? Should they have one point or two? Should they be large enough and heavy enough to sit on the ground without tipping over? And where can I get them for a decent price? A lot of the sites I’ve seen are very expensive, so if you have any tips for finding a quality source but at a cheap price, please fill me in! Any help would be great, and thanks for taking the time to read through all of this!
If I actually sat down to answer a question, I would at least do some research on the subject first. Please, out of respect to myself and to others who may share this belief, keep the jabs and the jokes out of it. I am asking a serious question and am looking for a serious answer. I’m not looking for jokesters with funny or disrespectful comments. Slamming someone else’s beliefs because you do not share them is wrong, so please don’t. Thank you.


  1. crystals have great energies and i use them often to do chakra healing and for minor aches and pains. Grow your own crystals aren’t ideal for this purpose though.
    Basic guide to crystals for you is to use purple crystals for your crown area, indigo crystals for your forehead, pale blue for your throat, green for your chest, yellow for your upper navel and orange for lower navel, red crystals placed between your legs for energy and black crystals at your feet for grounding yourself.
    You can get most crystals online but its better to find a local store so that you can pick them yourself.

  2. You just don’t, crystals are not required for healing, that is what hospitals do. But I can bless the crystals for less than $300.00

  3. Wearing a crystal will provide you no healing past the placebo effect.
    Grow your own crystals do not produce the same kinds of crystals that you can wear. They’re often very fragile and toxic.
    This is the cheapest way to grow your own crystal. It won’t be toxic, and it won’t be as fragile as many of the kits are:
    Boil some water. Supersaturate with sugar. That means keep stirring in sugar until there’s so much it won’t disolve any more. The water should still be boiling. Then hang a string in it, and let sit for several days without disturbing. Repeat with the same string if needed.

  4. Ever heard of James Randi? He disproved these so called healing crystals quite awhile ago, go look him up on youtube for the specific episode. Crystals are just formations of nature, they don’t have any mythical properties.

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