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How do I start to do yoga?

I really want to start doing yoga, but I don’t know where to begin, or build up to.
Is there a site or something that will tell me what I need to know to start doing yoga?


  1. Do you have a YMCA or some kind of fitness center near you. They’d probably speak to you for free before they ask you to join for a fee. Try it!

  2. if you have the Wii you should try buying the Wii Fit.
    for yoga, its not like exercising where you have to slowly build up exactly. its a bit easier. its mainly just a matter if your flexible or not. if your not then you should just google up some moves and practice it every day for like a minute or the pose and 30 seconds of rest for like 10 reps or whatever you feel like and when you get that pose down, move on to another pose and do it while your watching TV (like on commercial breaks) so its not like you’ll have to clear up time for it.

  3. If you buy P90X there is one workout session that is all yoga for about 1 hour 30 minutes.
    Sorry but that’s my only experience with yoga. It is quite a workout though, surprisingly. (I am in decent shape and I couldn’t do it the first time through)

  4. Hi,
    You are starting a wonderful journey, yoga is great for body, mind and spirit.
    This site has free printable yoga exercises, that might help. Their are some basic moves that you can try to see if it’s something you want to take further.
    Have fun I know you’ll enjoy it.

  5. Yoga is a mental excercise as well as a physical excercise.
    The best technique for any person contemplating to take up yoga is not to contemplate but to concentrate – on how yoga and its techniques is escalating into a world wide epidemic where yoga exercises are helping ailing patients and others who seek peace of mind.


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