How do i start practicing wicca?

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Is there anyone out there that can help me start practicing wicca? My frind started two months ago and says she really likes it, but i have no idea where to start off at. if someone could contact me and help me with the first things that would be great. thanks

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andy e

Yes watch The Craft and Charmed a lot,then make stuff up,other people made this stuff up anyway.


Just go out and buy a wicca bat and a wicca ball and start practicing!

Jimmy C

am wiccan of 30+yrs. start out by finds out about it, and asking self what you aggree with. then follow your heart, the goddess will guire you where you want to be. the lady knows her own.


You don’t. Wicca is an Old English word – wicca (male), wicce (female), meaning; wizard, sorcerer, or magician. The word Wicca came to prominence through Gerald Gardner (retired English civil servant) in his book ‘Witchcraft Today’(1954). Wicca incorporates witchcraft and majors in the use of magic. This is the attempt to control the behaviour of nature &/or people by use of rituals, spells, hexes, voodoo etc. The effectiveness of this magic is dependent upon the use of demonic power and is condemned by the Bible. Before you get more involved in the occult I suggest you read ‘From Witchcraft to Christ’ by Doreen Irvine (

Prospero Reincarnate

Get a copy of the book “Progressive Witchcraft” by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. Janet is one of the first Wiccans, you can find her in the old videos from the 60s. (of course much younger) It is designed as a starter book, but not cheesy and oversimplified like many Neowicca books out there. But, it’s understandable, and has useful exercises you can do. You can buy it online (link) or at Borders or Barnes and Nobles… if they don’t have it in the store, they’ll order it for you and call you when it’s in if you want.

prairiecrow will tell you what Wicca is, more importantly what Wicca ISN’T, and help you choose good resources through their excellent book review section. Their Essays section will give you an idea of some of the major issues facing Wicca at this point in our history.
I’d recommend three books for you:
1) “Wicca for Beginners” by Thea Sabin, to give you a solid grounding in Wiccan theory.
2) “Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner” by Scott Cunningham, to provide you with the information you need to practice the religion on a daily basis.
3) “The Triumph of the Moon” by Ronald Hutton, for an accurate history of modern Pagan witchcraft.
Stay FAR away from anything by Silver Ravenwolf.

Deirdre H

My show starts in about 55 minutes. You can tune in live at It’s called PaganFM! and you’ll get a little idea of what Neo-Paganism is. Wicca is a Neo-Pagan religion.
There are other great podcasts as well out there, including
A Pagan Heart in Maine
Lakefront Pagan Voice
and many others.


Merry Meet,
If you are interested about learning Wicca and/or Witchcraft here are a few legitimate sources to glean knowledge from. First being Witchvox at Here you will gain knowledge through fellowship with other of like mind and knowledge through the countless articles posted. If this is not enough one could look into getting online training through the Sacred Mists at… or OZ Wicca at , both are pretty decent for learning the Craft on the Web.
Also if you are close enough to a group that specializes in education and development like the SCWF try and join them even if it’s on a limited capacity. Ultimately, study, study and then study some more. Find all you can and definitely cross reference whenever possible, this way you can get the best out of all you learn.
I also suggest that you get your hands on Wicca for Beginners by Thea Sabin and/or The Circle Within by Dianne Sylvan. Both of these books are very good reading and both will give you some deeper insight to the Craft and how it relates to you. Also you cannot go wrong with anything by Scott Cunningham.
If you are a teen, I suggest Elements of Witchcraft: Natural Magick for Teens by Ellen Dugan. Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf is also good. But neither is completely accurate, but they will help you out.
Ultimately, study as much as you need to before deciding that you are Wiccan. Find those near you who are reputable and knowledgeable. Also stay away from those who are playing Wicca if you are serious about the religion and the craft, they will only slow you down and/or mislead you. Also, read all the books you can the good ones as well as the bad ones.
Remember, you are the one that decides who’s a good or bad author not someone else because every author in my belief has something to offer, all you have to do is ignore the information that is not accurate. Oh and when the opportunity raises cross reference the information learned for accuracy.
I hope my blurp helps out.
Blessed Be


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