Home Discussion Forum How do I start off Witchcraft or Magic spells?

How do I start off Witchcraft or Magic spells?

Okay. I’m getting into Witchcraft and magic spells, but I don’t know how to start these things off. I know how to do some spells, but they didn’t work. That leads to another question, how do I know if I am able to do a magic spell? Example, I don’t know how to do the Ki Ball Stance. It’s a requirement in a spell I’m trying to learn. So if you could help or give me a site with all the stances and basics about witchcraft and magic, then please provide it to me.


  1. uh, magic is not in stance or books or websites and rarely even in spells. Magic is in your heart, mind and energy. Nothing will work unless it is done without intent. In other words magic can only work of its own accord. Anyone who claims different is A HOAX.


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