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how do i speak to my subconscious?

I need to know the right and exact way to speak to my subconscious mind? I heard you can change things with it and sutff, true? I need to know everything about this.


  1. Have you ever fought with yourself? I think that’s how I talk to my subconscious, but is really hard since you can still lie to yourself on the surface unless you’re really talking to your subconscious, I suggest that you try to have a Lucid Dream(when you know you’re dreaming) but in the mean time you can always carry out a conversation between the ID and the SuperEgo

  2. You are talking about Self Talk.
    You can just think positive thoughts or you can repeat positive affirmations to yourself when you are alone.
    A very interesting book for Christians is called Commanding Your Morning by Cindy Trim. It is Biblically based and is more like commanding the universe using Faith. There are exact instructions how to do something along the same lines of what you are talking about in there.

  3. You change things and stuff by changing things and stuff. The “subconscious mind” is a theoretical construct used by professionals to communicate with one another and explain what is going on in the mind. You change thing by having the desire to change them and then by following through on that desire, not by striking up a conversation with some imaginary construct.
    If you chose to believe in the imaginary construct, it is simply an added step in moving towards what it is you really want to change. The value in the belief is that you never really have to take responsibility for your own actions. After all, it is not really you that is at fault but your subconscious mind. All you really end up doing is playing mental games with yourself. You want change, make it happen. That is all there is to that.

  4. you can find a very quiet place (maybe your own room) and talk to yourself. Explain what you want your subconscious to know.
    I have experienced this by my own. I have a bunch of friends who love to hang out, but most of the time I am the one who can’t join because of my busyness. Then, there are a new friend who join our group. First of all, nothing big happens. However, as the time flows, I get jealous of this new friend because I consider my group prefer him more than me. They often go out together. I was burnt by my own jealousy and I hate my group people.
    Then, I try to speak with my subconscious. I explain everything, one by one, it’s me who can’t go with them. They never exclude me or leave me. Suddenly, my jealousy and hatred disappeared and I feel better. Nowadays, if they go out without me, I am alright and there is NOT EVEN 0.000000000001% jealousy or hatred in my heart.
    That’s an example for you.
    May my answer help you.


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