How do I solve my existential crisis?

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I’m an atheist so no spiritual gobbledegook please.

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You have answered your own question.


By recognising that each and every one of us is existing within a permanent existential crisis.
edit; it’s permanent, dude.
Get used to it.


There is a brilliant book about philosophy called ‘Sophie’s World’ which describes humans as living on a giant rabbit – some stay hidden in the fur, safe and warm – others climb to the top of the rabbit’s coat to look out at the big scary world beyond. After many years of thinking about existence and failing to make any sense of it, I am now content to snuggle deep in the fur and just get on with life the best way I can. Maybe this could be the solution to your crisis too?


You are alive and do exist.
You can enjoy life by helping others enjoy life and to explore and cherish the world around you.


You solve a crisis by realizing that you have a crisis. Realize that we are alone in this world and and our lives have no meaning. Then learn how to create meaning out of something that is meaningless.


kinda liked the article you posted . it just isn’t that easy to discover good stuff to read (you know.. READ and not just going through it like some uniterested and flesh eating zombie before moving on), so cheers mate for really not wasting my time! 🙂


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